Any adult/old school Vita owners here? (friends exchange)

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User Info: marsvalient

5 years ago#41
24 and I've Owned,

NES - Master System
SNES - Genesis - Gameboy
N64 - Gameboy Color
PS2 - Dreamcast - Gameboy Advanced
PS3 - Wii - DS - PSP

I still own the Dreamcast, PS3, and Vita and am looking for a replacement GBA.
Vita: New Little Kings Story, Dream C Club 0 Portable, Assault Gunners
PS3: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Gal*Gun, Borderlands 2

User Info: ThugETH

5 years ago#42
35 here first console was atari 800 xl with tape deck and 5.25" floppy drive.
Had about 100 games everything from beach head, decathlon and my favourite Zorro! (1985 I think). Ninja Commando was pretty bad ass too.


On Vita I have NFS:MW, SH BoM, AC:L and ZE:VLR.
[1:04pm] <R33P3R> how can a game be epic on a phone?

User Info: looolrog

5 years ago#43
For clarity's sake, I have to add, I'm an old school gamer. I just think owners of the new school era, pwn us pretty badly at games and life.

Evidence - 8 year old SF player pwning professional streetfighter pro.
Note: Both aren't n00bs

They aren't even sandbagging on the kid. What does TC have to say about that?

Nothing, obviously.....
Getting bodied is what I do.

User Info: white wind

white wind
5 years ago#44
28 here, but not that old school, Gameboy color and PS1 are my first memories in home entertainment, Arcade before that!
PSN: ghattas

User Info: looolrog

5 years ago#45
I like how, it's suddenly ok, to segregate people.

It's like the fifties, all over again.
Getting bodied is what I do.

User Info: totemguy

5 years ago#46
Wow! I just feel really old now, been gaming before there was gaming, called
"For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen. " HGTG
PSN= Totemguy, XBL= totemguy

User Info: babbols

5 years ago#47
I'm 20 and first played PSOne, does that count?
Add me though, my IGN: babbols123
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!"

User Info: jjeerryyonly9

5 years ago#48
I'm confirmed old school; been gaming since the 2600 (was pretty young, though). The NES era is when the gaming bug really got ahold of me.

I bought my Vita CoD bundle on December 1st, and am currently playing Ragnorak Odyssey. ID's in my sig, so anyone feel free to hit me up.
PSN: RadKickAss

User Info: EG9_SIR

5 years ago#49
Turning 28, been gaming since 1989. NES was the ish.

PSN ID in sig
PS3 name: jdm_ed4_fdw
Playing Demon Souls,Red Dead, and Super SF4.

User Info: carlosmuniz20

5 years ago#50
29 and I been playing since NES. I have own all mayor video games systems except the Wii U.

I don't play much online but I do play MK sometimes and get ass handed to me :S other than that I'm working of finishing ACIII and after that I'll get back to Vita stuff.
PSN ID: melloack
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