do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

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  3. do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

User Info: Mask_of_Desire

5 years ago#11
From: adlist | #010
Physical whenever possible.

That's the approach I plan on taking. Only have Persona 4 Golden so far.
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User Info: darkness1018

5 years ago#12
Hard copy. I only download if i cant an english phisical copy in any region. For example i imported the Jap version of Dokuro since it has english and i imported the EU copy of New Little Kings Story just so id have them on carts.
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User Info: TheLibrarian

5 years ago#13
Physical when I can, since memory is expensive.

User Info: kingofall214

5 years ago#14
every game i own is DD except gravity rush cause when i bought my vita i wanted to use it right away.

User Info: HaRRy_TiPPeR_

5 years ago#15
D_Tomoyo posted...
digital copy had its hind-side
you dont have to go look for game cartridge and open up vita pull out cartridge find a game case put the cartridge back and install the cartridge to vita.

god those are too much work to play 5 min - 10 min of Ragnarok / Lumines

if it is game I need to play for a while I don't mind cartridge but for rhythm games and grinding base games? I think PSN titles are slightly better.

Seems kind of lazy...that's like complaining to switch DVD's

Physical or nothing for me.
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User Info: DemonDog666

5 years ago#16
I always buy physical when it's an option, between psn+, psp, psone and psn games how anyone can think of buying full retail games digitally is beyond me.

User Info: XMonkeySniperX

5 years ago#17
adlist posted...
Physical whenever possible. The 32GB memory will fill up fast with PS+ alone.

This. I don't have PS+, and I actually love downloading games, but the damn card sizes aren't big enough for a substantial number of Vita games I feel like, especially when I throw some PS1 and PSP games in there.
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User Info: ThugETH

5 years ago#18
Hard copy, it will always be worth be worth something whether trade or sell.
I'd only ever download if it were the only choice.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

5 years ago#19
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User Info: a_gon_nee

5 years ago#20
Hit the 16GB marker today and my 2nd memory card is now full. Also type0 re-released on PSN for the much more reasonable 2100yen (yesterday 6k yen). Looks like I'll have to move some games onto the pc to free up some space.

I go digital for imports and physical for local.
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  3. do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

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