do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

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  3. do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

User Info: buck6439

4 years ago#41
Yeah, its only worth downloading if its a game that you will want to switch in and out of a lot, otherwise your just eating space with some of the games. I would only really want to download it if the file was under around 2.5 gb, and usually smaller than that. I also like to collect things so its usually nice to have hard copies around (i have several hundred of them lol)

User Info: zergslayer69

4 years ago#42
32gb card here, I own 16 US games, all digital. 1 hardcopy, gundam seed battle destiny (no choice).
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User Info: jaekidd1012

4 years ago#43
I'm a spur of the moment person so I buy digital or physical based on whichever is the more convenient/feasible option at that time.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#44
I have VT 4 digitally but I plan to buy all future games physically and leave the digital games to those games that are only available digitally.
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User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#45
When it comes to games, I buy almost all hard copies. I make an exception for puzzle games I play at random for a few minutes. I refuse to carry a cartridge with me for a game i play ten minutes between other game sessions.
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User Info: manobon

4 years ago#46
All digital, but wait for sales and such, unless it's a game I'd be excited enough to pre-order (and they usually have first week bonuses for those types of games).

User Info: colecashus1216

4 years ago#47
both but i rather hard copys, so i can trade or lend to friends. plus i'm
too cheap to buy a 32 card.but need one bad now lol to many games

User Info: JTStarkiller

4 years ago#48
When prices are the same I always go digital. It's just so damn convenient. I've got loads of games on my 32 GB card (everything from PS+ and more) and still some room left. Obviously if I can save a chunk of money I'll pick up the card, but digital is great. You can't lose it, no switching games, and I honestly don't care about "collecting" games. The boxes aren't terribly exciting. There isn't a manual or anything anymore. I don't need more stuff to own.

User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#49
Mostly download with 3 physical games... From now on it will be all download...
I want a Champions of Norrath HD collection...

User Info: cmdrdredd

4 years ago#50
I kind of like having the disk or card for all of my games. The only exception is PC games since I despise swapping disks during the install and most games are on multiple DVDs. Oh and any game that doesn't have a physical copy like PSN games and such.
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  3. do you guys download your vita games or buy the hard copy?

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