Is Ragnarok worth it?

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User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#31
MegaMettaur posted...
But relying on someone else as a gamer is dumb. if you want a game, get it. But make sure you do proper research, like looking up game play footage. And like others mentioned, there's a demo for this game.

He's just asking people's opinion about it, not that unexpected on a game forum.

User Info: CaiusIce

4 years ago#32
Pretty good game, just lower your expectation though.

User Info: Pharsti01

4 years ago#33
Nop, but your best bet is definitely playing the demo.

Thats all the game has to offer, just on repeat.

User Info: mattfrank

4 years ago#34
save up and buy yourself a 3ds and get MH3G andmaybe MH4 instead.If your are a hopeless fanboy you can still dl MHp3rd .
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