Best Vita digital download game?

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User Info: thesnoopmeister

4 years ago#11
Football Manager Handheld 2013 is now out to download on Vita.
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User Info: D_Tomoyo

4 years ago#12
dokuro and nlk is missig

User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#13
I would say

NLK Story followed by Technika Tune.
The only Vita games really worth getting: Gravity Rush & P4G
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User Info: jaekidd1012

4 years ago#14
I voted for Super Stardust Delta. Checking who's top score you need to beat add to the replay value
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User Info: bsballa09

4 years ago#15
Hustle Kings.

User Info: JulesNeci

4 years ago#16
New Little King's Story.

User Info: Kyoshiro12345

4 years ago#17
samurai VS Dragons
Screenshot it or it didnt happen.

User Info: __starsnostars

4 years ago#18
Plants vs Zombies
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