Persona 4 Golden or Ragnarok Odyssey

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User Info: FindmeElseweyr

4 years ago#21
From: darkdragongirl | #020
FindmeElseweyr posted...

Sony ponies can't handle the truth. Sad, really.

The truth is subjective. Truth is merely our opinions.

You may continue on with your truth as you see fit. Since you're not spouting it as fact, which are not truths.

I have never been more serious about anything in my life.

User Info: Shagyam

4 years ago#22

P4G is something that makes me happy that a handheld is getting JRPGS, has a decently long story, and plays extremely well and fast paced for a JRPG.

RO is a fun game, but it's just another mh clone, I dont see it lasting.
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User Info: TLR_

4 years ago#23
Makeveli_lives posted...
Persona 4 by far. Ragnorok Odyssey gets boring and repetitive as f*** after the first hour or 2.

I hate to say this since Ragnarok was one of my primary reasons for buying the Vita... but this is 100% true.

While there are those rare and elusive exceptions where grinding can be fun...RO is too much like MHF, and too little like PSO/PS:P2... and by being so, there's more grind-farming than the "fun" kind of grinding. It's already put me in a couple boredom-comas.

Persona 4; on the other hand, is simply fantastic.
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User Info: wwwgippal2

4 years ago#24
P4 is better as a turn based RPG than RO is as an action RPG.

So get P4
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