Your thoughts on Rayman Origins

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User Info: Metalsonic66

5 years ago#11
A little childish of a game for me.

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User Info: da_dude14

5 years ago#12
Bought it for $20, it was fun as something to hold me over before NFS:MW and PASBR were released. I wouldn't pay more than $20, but at that price it was worth the purchase.

User Info: TheLibrarian

5 years ago#13
Frys has Rayman and Ninja Gaiden for $15 each. If you don't have a Frys, print out the page from their site and take it to a Best Buy. They price match it.

User Info: nedrith

5 years ago#14
I found the PS3 version fun with 3 people. It was fun laughing at the ways the other 2 managed to find ways to die(again and again).

Probably wouldn't of been that great alone. well worth $30-$40 maybe even $50 though. So worth full price though with multiple people.

User Info: FoBiA

5 years ago#15
Awesome game.
"So who is FoBiA, really?" - CJayC

User Info: Akagehisa

5 years ago#16
Rayman is a fun game and looks amazing, I'm glad I buy it, can't wait for Rayman legends on the WiiU.

NG is an amazing game too,, but I understand if it is not likeable for gamers of this gen.
I will alwais respect any game that forces me to be patient and use a lot of guarding and wait for openings, NG is old fashion hardcore,, I dig that.

User Info: Thundar

5 years ago#17
Love Rayman. Getting the platinum on it was a fun challenge as well. One of, if not the, best looking games on the Vita.

User Info: FelineCyborg

5 years ago#18
rayman origins is excellent. paid full price for it because i was desperate for some entertainment on an 11 hour plane ride. best sidescroller in YEARS ninja gaiden sigma is also excellent if a bit, dare i say, dated (well the core game is 2004) but i was around when the game first came out so i loved it. love both games.
"I can't enjoy anything unless everybody is, one guy starving some place puts a crimp on my evening" - Woody Allen

User Info: minjonator1234

5 years ago#19
I got into Rayman when JoshJepson on youtube made Rayman playthroughs. He even started a joke, calling Rayman Origins "Rayman's Oranges, Organs, Orgies, etc".
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User Info: Trailblazer34

5 years ago#20
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