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User Info: Juppongi

4 years ago#1
$12 for a year looks amazing, but...

1) Is this service okay for multiple users? Like can two users access it at the same time on different devices?

2) I heard that you can download only 1000 songs onto the Vita in offline mode, does this apply to all devices that you use (like can I only have 500 on my phone and 500 on my Vita)?

3) How well does the app work with PSP?

4) If I start my free trial right now, and then decide to buy it, will the year stack with the 30 day trial?

5) Overall, do you think it's worth it?

User Info: atomicjuicer

4 years ago#2
1) I have it on my iPhone and vita and ps3. They don't all use the same ip address (iPhone streams via mobile 3G Internet provider for example) and they all work fine.

2) I know you can download to the vita (once you've enough memory space) but I don't think you can download to iPhone but someone can correct me if I'm wrong!

3)Haven't tried it on psp

4)Don't know but I'm curious because I was paying the monthly fee for unlimited via direct debit and when the year offer came out I bought that too so hopefully I won't be charged twice! Amazing offer though - you could just make a new PSN account for your GF and she would have music for a year for another 12 quid (unless you want to try the sharing thing)

5)Oh yeah - definitely. It's not perfect but they've been improving it gradually and in general it does what you want. Practice makes perfect! (And it has no ads woo!)

User Info: SerialVelocity1

4 years ago#3
Can you listen to the songs after your subscription expires if you have them offline or is it a similar setup to PS+?

User Info: Libs368

4 years ago#4
What's up guys? I consider myself a music unlimited junkie. I love it so much, I should be given a job at their marketing department.

Definitely get it. To answer your questions:

1) Yes, it certainly is. I also use it on PC/MAC, Vita, and PS3.
2) I do not know about the 1000 song limit, but the way 'offline' music works may be confusing you, so let me try to explain it better.

To have offline music, you must first add the song to a playlist. You then set the individual PLAYLIST to be available offline, and it will only download the songs in your current available offline playlist to your HDD. This goes for the vita and mobile devices. I believe, unless they fixed this in the latest firmware update, that on PS3 you have to be online always (no offline mode). I'll check on that for you.

All songs are saved on The Cloud and therefor easily accessible from multiple devices. Your cloud does not have a 1000 song limit. Most likely the 1000 song limit was due to someones memory restrictions.

3) Unfortunately, I have not used this device on PSP. I'll see if I can find mine to try it, but I would imagine it would work the same as Vita, minus custom background music for games.

4) The year for 12$ is a promo that may be going away when the store updates Tuesday. I do not think it will stack, but it may (30 day trials of plus sometimes stack for example)

5) Yes, I thought it was worth it when I got my last year for 60$. At 12$ that is pretty much one CD. Lucky for me N*Sync has two good albums, so I've already got my monies worth this year.

Music Unlimited on Vita allows you to have Custom Soundtracks on ANY GAME* (note: PSP and PSOne titles are not supported at this time). This means you can listen to your own music, instead of the games music, while playing but still leave on the sound fx if you want.

*=Works on 99% of vita retail and downloadable titles. I have played pretty much every vita game released, and those that didn't used to support it (Uncharted GA for example) have since been patched to allow OFFLINE custom playlists.

Please feel free to PM me on GFAQS or PSN if you have any other questions. I'm more than happy to help. Music Unlimited is a huge reason why I mainly game on my vita.

Also - If you use Music Unlimited on your PC it will scan it and import any mp3's you've already got (but I do not know if iTunes purchased songs are included. I think it just scans for the song title/artist and then adds it to the cloud. I don't think it actually uploads your songs if it isn't in the Music Unlimited catalog. However, I am not 100% sure about that either, so I will also try it and get back to you!)

Give me a few hours to try some of these things out so I can better answer a couple more of your questions OK?

I'd go ahead and do the free trial, try it for a couple days, then get the year subscription. Please note: Sony has NOT ANNOUNCED an end date for this promotion. Morgan from PSBLOG told me via Twitter he thought it was only for 1 week (it's been up for 3, I think). Store Updates are on Tuesday Afternoons PST, so there is a very realistic chance this promo may be ENDING ON TUESDAY.

So get the free trial, and if you like it MAKE SURE TO SUB BY TUESDAY!
PSN - drhummingbird
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User Info: HwoarangExpert1

4 years ago#5
It works great on PSP it has the same exact interface as the PS3 version, which is great since I has the 12 hour PSP battery.

$12 for a year is a steal with access to 15+ million songs
PSN - Ziaro_7

User Info: TheGoddamn

4 years ago#6
Music Unlimited only works if you are physically based in the United States, yes? I mean, if my Vita has an US PSN account, but I'm abroad, it won't work?

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User Info: SerialVelocity1

4 years ago#7
TheGoddamn posted...
Music Unlimited only works if you are physically based in the United States, yes? I mean, if my Vita has an US PSN account, but I'm abroad, it won't work?


I'm in the UK and I am listening to it right now :)

User Info: Chimera268

4 years ago#8
By the way I have a question how many songs are available on music unlimited?
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User Info: Juppongi

4 years ago#9
Thanks for the answers guys, especially Libs368 and atomicjuicer!!

I tried it out with the trial and am loving the selection and the interface is good on the Vita.
I tried it out on the PSP, though, and I can't find an offline option for it... Is there even one? I use my PSP for my commute because I don't want my Vita to get damaged hehe.

User Info: faqtrix

4 years ago#10
everyone keeps answering "yes!" to question (1), but sony unlimited does not allow you to online stream from more than one session simultaneously. i would love to be proved wrong, but when its running on my vita, it wont let my ps3 or android connect. when i first activated unlimited, i remeber having to takeit off the wifes phone for the same reason

quick, someone prove me wrong! please! it will double the service's usefulness to me
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