anyone like physical copies of games better than digital?

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User Info: Spiffy247

5 years ago#11
I almost always prefer physical games. But I go digital with puzzle games, as I play them now and then a few minutes at a time.
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User Info: NebulaEmpire

5 years ago#12
I prefer physical games too.... somehow feels more real if you get to hold it :D

Plus I only have 8 gigs on the card :-/

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

5 years ago#13
I prefer physical copies because it actually feels like I have something to show for my money.
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User Info: Dragonyeuw

5 years ago#14

- I collect games, and prefer to see the cases displayed neatly on my shelf. Probably silly to those who couldnt care less, but YMMV....

- For games that I buy that arent necessarily worth collecting either because I have no desire to play again or there's just nothing 'collectible' about it to me (I keep rpgs and series i.e Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, Metal Gear etc), I like to sell those games to fund new games. Obviously I cant resell digital games.

- typically I keep my handhelds in a case that holds carts. Im never in a position where I'll need to access my entire collection, as I tend to focus on one or two games at a time and one or two 'play anytime' games like Lumines or Hot Shots golf. So no, I dont need my entire collection at my disposal like some do. Again, YMMV....

Now I dont mind buying digital when its a digital only title( stardust, mutant blob attack, etc etc) but I will always buy physical if the option is there.
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User Info: Metalsonic66

5 years ago#15
Digital and Physical both have advantages and disadvantages.

I'm glad Vita cartridges are so much smaller than UMDs, though. Makes it a lot easier to carry multiple games around.
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User Info: Mikeugame

5 years ago#16
I prefer digital same for movies ect.., it's easy to get on and play don't have to worry about scratching the disc or having disc or whatever get stuck inside as well as being able to redownload everything if stuff get stolen, people that prefer physical you'll probably change your mind if every single physical game of yours get stolen.
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User Info: EffectAndCause

5 years ago#17
Vita feels like it's more meant to be digital, especially with the convenience of portable downloading. It's my first all digital system.

User Info: AiuchiFanboi

5 years ago#18
Im a collector/player so I always prefer physical to digital except in cases of handhelds. Its so much easier to have digital on a handheld that is traveling around, then it is to mess with small carts.
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User Info: JulesNeci

5 years ago#19
I've always liked physical better. I like to own the box and the box art and everything.
The thought of having everything in one memory card, on the go does sound tempting, but I've always opted for going physical.
I never sell my games back (too lazy to). I love having all of the boxes stack up on the shelf - makes a girl happy.

User Info: alexg1989

5 years ago#20
FayeLady posted...
kingofall214 posted...
FayeLady posted...
For the Vita physical will always be the way to go. The main reason is lack of trust in Sony maintaining tools like CMA when they are a pain to use even while they are being supported. A few years down the road when I want to play a Vita game I want to just pop it in and play, not worry about signing in and being authorized by a DRM server Sony has taken offline.

A secondary advantage of this is not having to buy expensive memory cards, and being able to take advantage of a sale at different stores.

just so you know this has already been hacked so you won't lose your backups if sony calls it quits (very unlikely)

Relying on some other people to keep my games safe is just as bad as relying on Sony in my book. Its not a matter of if they call it quits, but when. How much DLC can be recovered from last gen consoles? The only thing that comes to mind are halo maps that were also sold on a physical disc. That seems pretty small in comparison to the 5, 10, or 25 year old games I can just pop in and play the same way I could when they were new.

That is a nice feature but DD will never work for me unless there is guarantee that the sites hosting these games will not go down, and if they do will not affect me like the PSN outage of last year. But that can not be guaranteed.

The best route would be a combination of both physical and digital media. What I mean is Sony and other gaming companies should allow players to buy their carts/discs and then transfer those game files onto a memory card.

That doesn't necessarily have to allow for piracy if Sony secures it. Its entirely possible if basement devs were able to allow that feature on the PSP... All I need to do is buy a PSP UMD game, put it in the PSP... run the transfer plugin and then just wait a few minutes while the PSP transfers the game from the UMD into the memory stick... works perfectly...

I have a ton of PSP games on my 32 gig memory stick, and I also have them as UMDs in a cabinet and if asked, I'll even provide a picture for proof that I'm not pirating them...
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