Why do people like the 3DS more than the Vita?

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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#41
mike_411 posted...
Vita= It plays persona 4.

PS2=plays Persona 4. Why do I need a vita for just that?
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User Info: MajinKogahazan

4 years ago#42
Read a Nuzlocke by me and a friend at: http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/8746106/1/#new

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#43
More games, If i buy a 3DS there are 5+ Games i'm interested in,While i'm only interested with 2 or 3 on Vita

User Info: gray_fox_00

4 years ago#44
renzsweet posted...
The size of the library you can play on the 3ds, easily.

See for me it's the opposite. There are more Vita games I'm interested in and own then I do 3DS games. Haven't been a Mario fan past Mario 64, so that kills a lot of the current games for me. When a new Zelda or Metroid comes out I'll get it, same with the LoS Castlevania game and the new SMT game.

Right now I've only got OoT, Mario Kart, and Tales of the Abyss, but haven't found many more that jumped out at me. And that's not to say there's nothing good, it's just that with the current backlog of games I've got spread across 4 systems I don't actively look for more to add to it. I'm up for suggestions of course. I'd buy MGS3DS but I own the HD collection

Also I'm not counting backwards compatibility titles. That just adds some PSP games, a lot of PSX, and a ton of pokemon and good RPG games into the mix.
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User Info: b1gt0ne

4 years ago#45
3ds has a soul, the vita is a try too hard.

User Info: Sho_Minamimoto_

4 years ago#46
From: Lord_Vishana | #032
Sho_Minamimoto_ posted...
From: Lord_Vishana | #029
GardeningMama is a good game actually :-P

It's one of my guilty pleasures.

If you have a 3DS I highly recommend Style Savvy: Trendsetters. Don't judge it based on the name or boxart, the game is sensational. The amount of things to do in the game is amazing. It really has become a sleeper hit no one expected the game to be good but it really is. :-)

*looks at boxart*
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User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#47
Veraxulous posted...
Hooray for people seeing the word "Inferior" and automatically assuming I'm insulting the 3DS because they haven't made it to high school economics yet. My bias has nothing to do with the systems: it has to do with consumers approaching a product with the wrong mindset and the rabid fanboyism associated with competitor products.

Also it looks like no one read the part about people enjoying the games they're playing. Good job.

I read your whole post and everyone responded to it appropriately.
Your bias was clearly based on you being a fanboy because your depiction of how consumers approach the products was a bitter, poorly drawn caricature. Tossing in a sidenote about how some people might prefer 3DS games amidst the rest of your whinging did little to hide that.
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#48
b1gt0ne posted...
3ds has a soul, the vita is a try too hard.

Vita has brains and muscle.

3ds has...
Lord Erieos is coming...

User Info: DTM847

4 years ago#49

I think this might have something to do with it. North America - 8 releases between now and March.

Kind of reminiscent of an old meme...


The funny thing about this post is that I have been a fan of Nintendo and Sony pretty much since they entered the home video game markets.
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User Info: Bakuryukun

4 years ago#50
When people like a system more than another it's usually because it has more of the type of games they want to play on it. That should be obvious.
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