If Nintendo and Sony were dangingly off a cliff and you could only save one...

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User Info: colis12

4 years ago#201
Sony, the only franchise I care about on Nintendo is Zelda but I could live without it, I can play a much larger quantity of quality games between Sony/PC/Microsoft than I would between Nintendo/PC/Microsoft.
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User Info: TheSolitayreX

4 years ago#202
I'd ram a bunch of the Vita memory cards up Kratos' rear port, then kick him in the face.

Then I'd cut off Mario's right thumb and throw that into the cliff, before pulling him up.


But seriously, competition within the video game industry would not be adversely affected, even if Sony had to totally pull out of it. If anything Sony is just being a hindrance at this point, and unless it's willing to get properly competitive again (without having to rely on irrationality of its fanbase to support it no matter what), it will really be better (for consumers) for Sony to be properly taken out of the picture.

There would still be competition, from new, more deserving upstarts if necessary.

User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#203
As competitors in a figurative scenario, the only right thing is to watch to see who can pull themselves off that cliff alone. As a business they must be able to handle such adversity.

In a literal "save Mario or Kratos from certain death" I'd easily choose Mario. He's got more to live for, a positive purpose and he's not a whiny douchebag.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#204
http://i.imgur.com/iGtSX.png http://i.cubeupload.com/F9TsUH.gif
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User Info: demesjos2

4 years ago#205
hmm save fat plumber who cannot score with the princess he has saved a thousand times or watch as his grip slips and he falls to his doom? Watching the plumber drop.

User Info: Tony_Clifton

4 years ago#206
I would try to save both really, but if I had to I would have to save Nintendo.

Sony is suicidal anyway, making bad descions and the same mistakes over and over again.

Jack Trenton "Playstation will never be the cheapest console on the market"

Really? Is the PS4 really going to come out at $600 dollars also.

Sega coming back to hardware would be a dream. But with 5 dollars in their bank account I doubt it would happen.
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User Info: djmaster1994

4 years ago#208
Angemon_23 posted...
Kick them both off the cliff.

SEGA rises again!!!

Then no more easy profit for Sega then since Nintendo is gone.
Mario and Sonic success is gone for sega since that where they made most of their money this gen.

Either way Nintendo will buy Sega.
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User Info: krazykillerkow

4 years ago#209
I would get too nervous and run off.
That don't bother me, I don't exist.-carsauce on the subject of vitasurance

User Info: superpikminbro7

4 years ago#210
sony f***ing stupid
their game's are terrible and just ripoff's of other game's from other's. sega nintendo microsoft capcom are fare better game / hard wear maker's
so i would save nintendo
and shotgun blast sony in the face
bronies are f***ing stupid that is a fact
pikmin is awesome that is a fact :D
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