Whose with me! Replace your old SquareEnix/Capcom loyalties with Atlus/Sega

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User Info: LIEKmudkiepz

4 years ago#51
Meh... Atlus for me only!
They make great games and localize some great japanese games

I've never really liked capcom games
I like SE, but they are probably one of the worst run companies in gaming
And Sega can be good, but it has TERRIBLE management (like SE). Who delays a finished game from releasing in the summer until january where it has to compete with tons of other competition (anarchy reigns)

User Info: Kilikan5670

4 years ago#52
Or...I can get games from all the companies...Cuz I'm not trying to be loyal to a company like some pet.Lets do that instead.I'm doing that.
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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#53
Kilikan5670 posted...
Or...I can get games from all the companies...Cuz I'm not trying to be loyal to a company like some pet.Lets do that instead.I'm doing that.

No one here's gonna not buy a SE/Capcom game as long as it doesn't suck, but until it does, I think people are simply not gonna put as much trust in them as much as they would other developers.
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User Info: 8Bomberman

4 years ago#54
Atlus yes, Sega NOOOOOOO

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#55
Ihavealotofspac posted...
loyalties? really?

just buy games you like instead of being a total fanboy

I would, but they cancelled or don't have western releases for the games I want. Thus, I dislike them.
Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#56
syctheweilder posted...
Chrono Trigger remains without a sequel.

Glad I'm not the only one who chooses to believe that.
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User Info: Minatokun13

4 years ago#57
I can't vote in your poll because while Atlus is one of my favorite companies, I also still like Square Enix (just less than before). I liked Theatrythm and Dissidia 012, and I didn't hate FFXIII or XIII-2 (though I wish they'd bring Type-0 over). Dream Drop Distance was also my favorite KH game since the original Chain of Memories came out.

Basically, the quality of their games has dropped somewhat, but I'm still enjoying some of the things they put out.

So I'm not replacing my SE loyalty with Atlus, I just am loyal to both (though Atlus a little more so)

User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#58
You mean the same Sega that churns out crappy Sonic games, screwed Platinum Games, screwed Shenmue and files DMCA complaints at fans?

And the same Atlus that rehashes a 4 year old game with no substantial new features and dumbs it down for the kiddies? Yeah no.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#59
maxmansupa posted...
NettoSaito posted...
SEGA has gone down hill faster than anyone else. SEGA forced Sonic Team to release Sonic 06 before it was finished for the holidays, SEGA then blamed it on it's style of play so they switched Sonic games over to the Unleashed style. The original Unleashed games weren't that great, with minor improvements being made in Sonic Colors. Sonic Generations finally did it right, but SEGA flat out said it would be the last Sonic game to use that style, so there goes that.

SEGA doesn't advertise games like Infinite Space, Phantasy Star Zero, Phantasy Star Portable 2, or Sands of Destruction, so they didn't sell well which caused SEGA to lose quite a lot of money. Then, just this year, SEGA actually canned MOST of the games they were working on because they didn't have the funding, and they didn't feel that they would sell. One of their newest games, Valkyria Chronicles 3, also wont be seeing a release in the US, simply because it's on the PSP, and VC2 didn't sell well because of the very same reason.

Now, how is Square and Capcom doing worse than that?

Currently all SEGA has to offer is Phantasy Star Online 2, Sonic Racing Transformed, Shinobi 3DS, Sonic Generations, and the rerelease of Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS into Dreams. Half of which are old games... (Although Yakuza 5 is in the works as well)

Also, just so you guys know. I'm a huge SEGA fan lol. I buy just about every one of their games, and I look forward to each new release, but SEGA is really going down hill.

Again, it's not nearly as bad as Capcom or Square Enix to most people, the fact that Sega can still put out quality is the main thing going for them. It seems like you feel they're going downhill because they don't advertise, which is kind of a silly point to make, relatively speaking.

Side note, where did you hear that Sonic Generations was the last time they were going to use that style?

It's not that they went down hill because they didn't advertise, they didn't make as much money as they hoped because of it. Like I said, just earlier this year SEGA announced that they had to can most of their projects they were working on (non Sonic ones according to them) because they weren't selling many copies of their games.

If people don't know about the games, they wont buy them, and if they don't buy them, SEGA gets nothing. I mean, heck, I bought about 7 or 8 SEGA games in the past 2 years, which basically NO ONE knows about. It's no wonder they didn't make anything off of them...

I'm not saying their development is going down hill, I'm simply saying that they lack the funds to develop many good games.

Square and Capcom on the other hand, are still producing pretty good games at a pretty fast rate, simply because they are still selling.

Kingdom Hearts DDD
Final Fantasy 3 (DS PSP port)
Final Fantasy 13-2 (Yes I actually loved it)
Their TWEWY iOS port was actually pretty cool (but not what we wanted)
Final Fantasy X HD on the way

and so on

As for Capcom...

Monster Hunter Port 3rd/Port 3rd HD
Monster Hunter 3U (3G) Wii U/3DS
Remember Me
EX Troopers
(Lost Planet 3 doesn't look as good as 1 did, but it's still coming)
Resident Evil Revelations
Okami HD
Dragon's Dogma (although I'm not a fan, it was a pretty big hit)

Sure they may not be bringing us everything we want, but at least they're getting more out than SEGA right now...
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User Info: Jinxey86

4 years ago#60
Square makes good games, while Capcom no matter what, they will always have my Street Fighter I always love, even what they have done it is hard to replace the fighting experience of Street Fighter that I have grown up with, while Hard to replace my rpg love of Final Fantasy.
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