What was the last vita game you bought and how would you rate it out of 10?

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User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#11
kewldude475 posted...
Persona 4 Golden

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User Info: Steve_Teddie

4 years ago#12

About five hours in, 8/10 so far.
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#13
OtakuGamera posted...
ragnarok odyssey, haventplayedyet/10

Currently Playing: PlayStation All-Stars(PSV), Assassin's Creed Liberation(PSV), Ragnarok Odyssey(PSV), New Little King Story(PSV) & Growlanser WoT(PSP)

User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#14
Ragnarok Odyssey, 7/10. As fun as it is it's very lacking, and has zero immersion. Needs more emphasis on a story and exploration.
Now Playing (VITA): Ragnarok Oddysey, DJ Max Technika Tune (soon) PSN: Roksor.
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User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#15
I last bought AC3L. However, I can't rate it as I haven't actually played it yet...
Playing - Vita: Uncharted, MotorStorm, Stardrone, Resistance. PS3: CoD, BF3, InFamous, WipEout. Various PC games (TF2, Minecraft mostly).
PSN: zandm7

User Info: AH88

4 years ago#16
Lord_Vishana posted...
kewldude475 posted...
Persona 4 Golden


User Info: xWant

4 years ago#17
Persona 4 Golden - 10/10

All Stars and Ragnarok 7.5/10
Currently Playing : P2,P4 Golden, Ragnarok and All Stars
PSN : AntiGenjou

User Info: FindmeElseweyr

4 years ago#18
Persona 4.

Oh my bad, that was PS2.

Disgaea 3
8/10. Better than 1/2 gameplay wise, but the story still hasn't matched D1's.
I have never been more serious about anything in my life.

User Info: crawdad

4 years ago#19
Retail? Mortal kombat 7/10 (I suck at it mostly and i already rented and beat the console version so my fault mostly)
Digital? Jet Set Radio, 9/10 A;ways was and still is a fantastic and fun game.
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User Info: RussiaOne

4 years ago#20
Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

The only diff'rence 'tween a winner and a loser is a winner plays until he wins -Big K.R.I.T
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