Are Capcom and SE really as bad as people say they are?

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Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#21
Current State of FF series:

A good game (Type-0) that is not getting localized anytime soon.

A game that is probably vaporware (Vs XIII).

A game that is the ending to an unprecedented trilogy of an incredibly divisive game (LR Returns). Whose trailer was full of odd design choices, and even worse graphics.

A game that is a reboot of a game that's only a couple years old because the first release was the first objectively bad FF in history (XIV).

All I can see is I hope someone's working on XIV - preferably Ito, and that he plans on delivering us an experience much more akin to IV-XII.

User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#22
Capcom: DLC tyrants... Also, refusing to localise MH games, and/or release them on Sony consoles. Damnit I do not want to have to buy a 3DS just for MH4, when I know it would be so much better on the Vita.

SE: Oh how far they've fallen. Not a single decent FF game since merging with Enix, and the games have been getting worse each time. Poor direction. Attempts to "westernise" the franchise alienate long term fans. Not localising Type 0.

One good thing about SE is that they are genuiinely committed to making FFXIV a decent game. Which is pretty rare in this day and age, and the customer service has been great on that front, as the original launch was a complete disaster.

And TWEWY was amazing.

There used to be a time where if a game had "Squaresoft" on the box, I would buy it without reading about it first. FF XIII was so bad that I actually refuse to buy another FF game until they return to what made the series great. And I am a BIG FF fan. Got two FF8 tattoos :P
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#23
Crapcom was quite bad lately, but it looks like they're improving. MH3GU in the West, PW5 in the West, etc.

Squenix has been pretty bad, most of the good games they publish are either by Eidos or made by someone else.
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User Info: kc999

4 years ago#24
TheExiled280 posted...
I'm disgusted that FVI is getting a remake for iOS

It's V
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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#25
I would say that it's more a matter of them completely ignoring what their customers want.

Square's Customers: "We want a FFVII remake! And FFVI too! And please localize some of the great 3DS games you made in Japan."

Square-Enix: "We hear you loud and clear! You want more FFXIII! So here's yet another game starring Lightning! Now with feathers sticking out her ass! And more to come!"

User Info: GodMWOLF

4 years ago#26
Meh i only liked capcom for Megaman.........................and we know that they hate him so yeah

And SE seriously just stop.FF13 only needed one game,just move on to something else(Not ios,quit saying its a gaming platform)
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User Info: Jobocan

4 years ago#27
Megaman Omega posted...
Crapcom was quite bad lately, but it looks like they're improving. MH3GU in the West, PW5 in the west

Not localizing E.X. Troopers, releasing the abysmal DmC, probably being part of the reason AA vs PL isn't being localized, lazily slapping their name on a fan project instead of putting actual effort into their 2 biggest franchises' 25th anniversary, MMXover... Capcom is still being all sorts of crap. That's without adding all the crap from before (MML3/MMU cancellation, rushed MvC3, Bionic Commando reboot, etc.)
Even their survey from yesterday is quite convincing that they don't give a crap anymore, as they seem to care more about lazy ports than anything. - My Collection

User Info: ChikaraX

4 years ago#28
Both companies are ignoring what the fans want.. Not only that.. They seem to ignore them completely and do the exact opposite.

Capcom is all about milking games, but what else is new.. Sadly it's getting worse every game.. Color Swap DLCs, come on.. Every DLC they make really feels like cut or hidden content (Even Dragon's Dogma)

Resident Evil Revelations gave me back my hope that the Survival Horror might return, but When you start to play Resident Evil 6, You'll hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks.. To punch or to Shoot or to Jump or to Kick, You'll hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks.. I'm screaming at Leon because he's so thick, his spacial awareness is that of a brick.. ..

I'm not a Megaman fan.. I've played many of them (Except for the Poke-Man versions).. But there are a LOT of fans.. Yet Capcom refuses to make a game.. Even worse, Capcom trolled those fans (Probably because those fans complained about the last 2/3 cancellations).. A fat Megaman in Streetfighter x Tekken.. Talk about giving fans a BIG.. FAT.. Middle finger.

Square-Enix.. Yeah.. Years ago they said they didn't want to make RPGs anymore.. And that's what's been happening to their main franchise Final Fantasy.. It's been going from bad to worse. (Many of Squaresoft's members are working at Level 5 now)
Some predictions are nearly spot on, lol.

As a publisher they've been doing pretty good.. I hated Sleeping Dogs but even I can appreciate it and have to give it to SE.. They had the balls to take over the project and release it.

Final Fantasy 13.. Ugh.. A one way trip through nice looking CG movies with a hideous combat system and characters nobody cares about.. Final Fantasy 13.2 was a bit better but that's not saying much.. Followed by Final Fantasy 13.3.. Time.. *sigh* And no fudge was given that day..

Final Fantasy Online 2 (Yes, I'm calling it that because it should have NEVER EVER been part of the main series).. So FFO1 had issues.. Gamer told SE.. Sadly they did not change anything and the same mistakes where made.. So FFO2 was put on hold for a 'remake/redo'.

Final Fantasy Type 0/Agito did not get a Western release because of (Supposedly) Music and other Licensing issues.. Brave.. Bra.. Def.. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy might not get a Western release either.. Final Fantasy Versus was put on hold as was the FFX HD remake.

These Japanese companies are also doing a lot to please the Western audience.. But by doing so they actually alienate them.. People liked their games for what they where.. Not for it be like every other Western game.. We already have a lot of those here.

User Info: tooweak

4 years ago#29
Now some of this stuff is good things wrongly believed by the masses of messageboardom as bad, when it's actually good. But most of it is just bad.

Two major Mega Man cancelations, the latter blamed on LACK OF FAN INTEREST when fans were, you know, HELPING DESIGN THE GAME despite Capcom saying the demo would determine the games fate and never released the demo.
The latter of which shared some similarities to a later-announced spinoff of a more presumably western palatable series.
Not localising a recent Phoenix Wright game.
Giving Seth too much power to push his biases INCLUDING NOT INCLUDING/MAKING STUFF
SFxT (Gems and teribad DLC abuse)
MvC3 roster dislike, though to be fair other than MM most was on the Disney side.
The more action/less horror style of RE4 to present, especially RE5 and the movies.
The rebooting of DMC series
The firing of Capcom Studio 4/Clover (Okami, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand) who later became Platinum Games
The overall pro-West movement they have taken. Focus on games THEY THINK the west thinks the west wants.
Handing out spinoffs and reboots of major franchises to 3rd party and failing.
LYING ABOUT putting spectator into MvC3
Multiple enhanced rehashes (SSF4, SF4AE, same year UMvC3)
CONSANT DLC BS. On Disc DLC, ending DLC, to many/expensive outfits and alternate game modes and other stuff that USED TO BE EARNED BY PLAYING THE GAME, etc
Statin long-desired game projects wont be made unless unrelated/vaguely related game hits a unspecified milestone.
Treatment of several major game developers
recent obseesion with phones. FF6, TWEWY, FFD [despite cellphone port FFTAY presumably doing well enough on nonphones despite both sytems it hit being massive piracy machines]
FF13 everything, except versus (too linear, lied about exclusivity, DLC on 13-2, etc)
13-2 ending
How much longer for KH3?
Too many KH sidegames
BBS not on Vita? Only on the beats 360 worse than 360 beats PS3 selling PSP?
Too many ports/remakes (until the ONE they want hits a system that they dont have, of course see recent FF6 whining or any big website countdown reveal that ends up as a phone game)
FF14 PC launch
FF14 PS3 delays
multiple cease and desist orders to fan remakes/sequels of series SE has done little or nothing with of late. Often waiting until preject is ALMOST DONE.
CT/Chrono in general.
Too cowardly to print enough DQ5 or publish 6/9.
DQ9 and 10 pulling a Wind Waker (following creator's vision instead of fans' vision). So short term hate, but we'll see how loved they are 5-10 years down the road.
No Geno/Mallow in Brawl
Trying to do something different (oftentimes simplify/streamline) jRPG during an anti-jRPG phase of the gaming market
Purchase of and release of many western-style games and studios to the point where their Eidos aquisition is more relevant than Square or Enix if you didnt care for 13/13-2.
Allowing NISA and Atlus to become relevant.
Long held grudge for the gap of time between FF10 to 12 and from fans who chose to not make the necessary time or money investments into FF11 causes many to overstate SE flaws.

EDIT: Still like SE. Used to like Capcom. I'll still buy from SE (but no longer instantbuy on spinoffs or new IPs anymore). Capcom games have a bit of hurdle to climb, only bought $40 of Capcom this year, would have been $260+ if they had behaved.
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September 26, 2012 on

User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#30
Capcom and Square Enix two of the best game publishers out there.
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