$20 on PSN. What vita game should I get?

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User Info: LitCandlez

4 years ago#11
When the Vikings Attack. Try the demo first
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User Info: GreatLordAbsu

4 years ago#12
finaljayfantasy posted...
fan615boy posted...
metal gear hd collection is $17 if your a playstation plus member and i think 20 and some change if you are a regular user good deal because you get 4 games in it

or if you just want 1 in the collection you can buy the 2 or 3 separate for $19.99 apiece but if you buy the 3rd i think you are buying 3 because you get 3 and the 2 old 16 bit games

Is it really 4 games? I heard it was only MGS2 and MGS3 for the Vita, the PS3 got the goodies not the Vita. I could be wrong tho and if i am plz post cuz it would be cool to pick them up if there is more to it

I read it still has Metal Gear's 1 and 2, which were some of the bonuses for MGS3.

I actually have the Vita MGS HD Collection but haven't gotten around to noodling with any content besides MGS2 and its bonus missions, so I don't know for sure.

At any rate, I definitely feel it's well worth owning for MGS2 and MGS3 alone. Anything on top of that is just gravy.

User Info: dacekid

4 years ago#13
zandm7 posted...
Sound Shapes.

Or, if you've never played MH before, MHFU.

Sound Shapes is going to be on sale when the PSN is updated on Monday.
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User Info: Zwei79

4 years ago#14
Unit 13 or metal gear

I just purchased them both yesterday for 20 bucks (I had a 10 dollar credit and im a ps+ member)
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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#15
I would get MGS HD Collection but I already have the PS3 version, so it feels redundant
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User Info: clubber42

4 years ago#16
Im thinkin of getting sine mora, a well rated side scrolling shooter over at metacritic. 10 bucks. I also am a fan of the stardust series, but im not sure of the price atm. Dokuro looks interesting, but these three options are more for on the go, quick sessions, not so much an emersive game experience.
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User Info: Mcnugget2256

4 years ago#17
Plants Vs Zombies
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