Why did you buy the Vita?

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User Info: Dsvkb

5 years ago#21
I initially was interested because of Persona 4 The Golden being announced for it. However, games like Army Corps of Hell, Uncharted, and Gravity Rush sold me on it. I was going to get it at launch, but ran short on money, so I didn't get it until the summer.

User Info: lordcloudx

5 years ago#22
To play Project Diva f
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User Info: Akagehisa

5 years ago#23
I bought mine because since the PSP I've been playing more on portables than consoles,, I also bought the 3Ds before the Vita, I like the current level of graphics on handhelds.

I gotta say,, I knew exactly what I was looking for with the Vita,,, I was looking forward to Gravity Rush and it didn't dissapointed me, and Ima big fan of raid games since PSP. Those where my main reasons.

User Info: The_DARK_FoX

5 years ago#24
I actually was hard pressed deciding between this and the 3DS. I plan on getting both down the line, but the question was which do I get first? The 3DS has a new Monster Hunter coming out in March, that alone was enough for me to say "Insta-buy!" It also had Tales of the Abyss, Resident Evil, LoZ OoT 3D, and my most anticipated title, Project X Zone.

The Vita on the other hand has a bunch of games that I've never played (I was a gamecube guy) MGS HD collection, Persona 4 Golden, plus a bunch of other titles whose previous installments I play on a regular basis (DOA5+, NGS+, Shinobido 2, Dynasty Warriors Next, PSASBR to name a few). I ended up getting the Vita because it ultimately has more titles that I'm willing to invest in. Also, my PSP 1000 needs a proper rest. The thing has served me well, but it starting to die. I want to preserve it so I can still go back to play old titles that aren't available for the Vita (like a bunch of my JPN games).
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User Info: kewldude475

5 years ago#25
I liked the PSP, figured I'd like the Vita. And I needed a new portable since 3DS had no games at the time. Also, it had Uncharted, UMvC3, and Blazblue at launch.
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User Info: ShaolinAced

5 years ago#26
portable ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

User Info: lunchEATSyou

5 years ago#27
I never had the PSP.
I also was under the assumption that PSP's entire digital library as well as PS1 classics were going to be made available sometime close to launch (that's what Sony was implying at the time, btw) One year later, we still don't have the entire PSP digital library and PS1 classics.
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User Info: JONlCS

5 years ago#28
i always buy a playstation.

User Info: Akira502002

5 years ago#29
Disgaea 3, gravity rush and persona 4 the golden. Also I knew other games would come along and catch my interest.

User Info: Iceyflame

5 years ago#30
I skipped the PSP and now a days i have more incentive to do handheld gaming with my Bus commute and daily 3 or so hours of nothing at work so went with vita at the very least i could pick up some of the psp games i missed
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