Android Tablet vs Vita vs 3DS

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User Info: DCFanatic

4 years ago#1
I have had all three of the devices at some point in the last year, and with the Vita being the most recent (Christmas) and I would like to express my opinions comparing and contrasting the three as portable entertainment devices.

3rd place: 3DS
The 3DS I only had for a few months, considering I bought the XL at launch (August) and sold it Black Friday for a Vita. The 3DS was pleasant in some ways, but unpleasant in more. I think the 3D gimmick is garbage, and and I mostly played the system with it off. The games are a different style normally than what I was used to, with Nintendo games falling into their timely mechanics that feel archaic and nostalgic at once. The media capabilities of the 3DS are practically nonexistent. The Netflix app, pretty much the only app, streams in awful quality due to the system's low resolution. As a whole, the 3DS is fairly weak as an entertainment device and I would not suggest it.

2nd place: Android tablet
I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Tablets are nicer here in the sense that they have more functionality than simply a portable gaming machine. The countless apps, for me, can be a saving grace and also the downfall of the device. Many different technology needs can be met, but the are so hidden by the 1000s upon the 1000s of junk apps that clutter the market and drown the apps worth your time to the bottom. As far as gaming is concerned, it is hard to take this or any iOS device seriously, except for the most casual of gamers. Content curation is the real problem with these mobile OSes, and and the reason I don't consider them the winner here. Another thought is the actual relevance of a tablet with all these capabilities met by a smartphone already.

1st place: Vita
Man, I have only had this device a few days and I am completely in love with it. Even with the small number of games for the less than one year old system, and I think there are perhaps more good, quality games than iOS or Android or 3DS. The standard of quality is here, and that is what matters to me. The media capabilities are astounding, with Netflix shining on the gorgeous screen, and a few other essential apps thrown in for the ultimate media experience. I I love this device way more than I thought I would and I pray that sales pick up and the Vita lives a long, successful life. Along with an Android smartphone, the Vita makes my perfect two-device mobile experience. Viva La Vita!
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User Info: backguard222

4 years ago#2
The vita just needs a few more apps that let you use it as a PDA.

User Info: jjeerryyonly9

4 years ago#3
I've not tried the Android Tablet, but between 3DS XL and Vita, I quite prefer the Vita.
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User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#4
haven't tried an Android.. but an iPad 4 was awesome.

There's plenty of free games to fiddle around with even for "core competitive games" like Shadowgun.

Graphics, I dare say are on par or even better. (higher framerate, runs at an astounding resolution even for 3D games, better AF and textures).

Load times are almost non existent compared to the VITA.

The comfort's crap on the iPad though.. cramps up my hands wayyy too fast compared to the VITA.. YES even an Iphone 5 cramped my hands much faster than the vita would.

iPad 4 costs almost twice as much too :P

I wouldn't trade UCGA for MC4 or Dark Meadow :P

User Info: KirbyIsAwesome

4 years ago#5
Nexus 7 > Both.
"3DS is simply incapable of making games as good as vita games"
- DemonDog666

User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#6
KirbyIsAwesome posted...
Nexus 7 > Both.

Unless you want to play real games. I've owned a Sony Tablet (no, not the stupid dual screen one) for over a year now and there's still no games on there that come even close to the games I own on Vita. And I have like 30 games for my tablet vs 3 retail games for my Vita, but I'll take the Vita games any day over the tablet games.

Of course, I still love my tablet and use it for just about everything BUT "serious" gaming.
Playing - Vita: Uncharted, MotorStorm, Stardrone, Resistance, AC3L. PS3: CoD, BF3, InFamous, WipEout. Various PC games (TF2, Minecraft mostly).
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User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#7
1) Android Tablet
2) Vita
3) 3DS

I put them in that order because I don't game as much as I used to.... My tablet has ATT and is great for killing time in the bathroom at work...
My tablet fits nicely in my front pocket so nobody even knows I have it at work... I love my Vita for gaming and gave my nephew my 3DS...

User Info: Truthtela

4 years ago#8
I have both a nexus 7 and a vita. I use them for very didn't purposes. I use my tablet for everything short of word processing and gaming, and I use my vita for games when I'm not just trying to kill time.
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User Info: Nnamz

4 years ago#9
No buttons?

1. Vita or 3DS.
2. 3DS or Vita.
distant 3. Tablets.

Why people want to mush their fingers on a touch screen playing aimbot shooters is beyond me.
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User Info: DCFanatic

4 years ago#10
Bump for the sake of bump.
You must be plugged directly into Superman's anus if you have 100Mbps download. -CaPwnD
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