Vita vs 3DS Version 2

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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#71
Quote:OtakuGamera posted...
What makes it not gimmicky compared to the 3DS? The fact that it was made by Sony?

i just dont feel it's a gimmick, you use it to navigate the homescreen and to type out message, pretty useful if you ask me. dont know about 3ds never tried it myself. something gimmicky would be like kinect and wii's motion control.

PS3 move controller a gimmick confirmed?

Why would a random person's opinion as to what constitutes a gimmick confirm anything? The only thing confirmed is your lack of imagination when you try to troll a board.
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#72
Shadowfxd2 posted...
From: krazykillerkow | #067
st-tches posted...
Vita lost in its own board? Wow...

And seriously? To the 3DSXL?? All Nintendo does is re-release new versions of its new consoles that never need to ****ing exist. If there needs to be an XL version of everything, why not make that the standard size? Or release them at the same time as two options of the same system, not two systems, it's stupid as **** and people just buy into it -_-

Well it seems to print money for Apple and Nintendo so i don't see it ending anytime soon.

Sony had 5 models of PSP, 1000, 2000, 3000, GO and E1000. So don't try to say Sony doesn't do the same thing!

This. They like to forget that Sony releasing new versions of its consoles MORE than Nintendo does.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#73
GG vita board you lost twice =/
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