Hope you guys enjoy never being able to sell used games again...

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  3. Hope you guys enjoy never being able to sell used games again...

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#51
legionofpancake posted...
For those people who choose to buy/sell games used it is pretty problematic. If this happens and someone buys a new copy of a game, then yes it is rendered completely useless afterwards for anyone but them. People such as myself often only keep games that we absolutely love and feel are worth keeping even after we feel completely satisfied with them. All other items if we do not need or want them can be easily traded in for a newer game that we might cherish. If this is taken out of the equation, then we will be less likely to buy more new games at all. For some it is a frugal effort to save money, while for others it is something to hold onto because it was just that fantastic. Ergo, it will also end up hurting sales for a company.
In this senario, I am going to be less likely to buy new copies of games like DmC and BioShock Infinite. If the game intrigues me, I will want to play it, but be less likely to actually buy it if it's something that I know I will not fully love or enjoy to the point where I feel I get my money's worth. The same implies for any merchandise effected.

I have friends that would never again be able to buy a game if trading games in became verboten. Sad, but completely true. Or more like they would get two new games a year and be pissed off the rest of the time, either because they didn't like their game enough for the year or because they really really want that new Gears of War game (or whatever) and can't get it.

User Info: CooperRC

4 years ago#52
I do not sell games, but this would finally allow me to catch up on my backlog and replay some old classics. I will never buy a new system if this goes into effect.

User Info: Semp1

4 years ago#53
If Sony does this with the Vita. The vita will instantly die. GameStop refuses t push hardware that doesn't have software they can sell used. This is a huge reason the PSP GO failed.

User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#54
Sackninja posted...
I haven't read the rest of the topic but this ain't going to happen. Did you know Sony patented a teddy bear like controller.

And here is an article about it.


lol at the kill it with fire.

User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#55
TC doesnt realize that all game devs are pushing for this policy, not just Sony.

oh and nomatter, still waiting on you to source your sig lol ....will this be the 4th time you blatantly ignore the question? lol
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User Info: TheNewWave

4 years ago#56
Just the sheer fact that places that make a living by renting out games like GameFly would have to go out of business would sincerely be a loss of sales. Those places provide a very large contribution to sales.

And before saying, well those customers renting will be forced to buy games instead, think about it. The majority of those customers are only renting it because they have no desire to buy it or lack the finances, and likewise wouldn't buy the game even if renting is unavailable. Thus, the rental comapany ends up buying those copies instead.

User Info: Xeedragon

4 years ago#57
I think it's a good idea. It'll increase profits for the companies, which will mean more and better games, and kick those casual leeches into another hobby, like panhandling.
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#58
The good news is, it could drive GameStop out of business

Uggh, hate that company with a passion
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User Info: Hermeses

4 years ago#59
if it's implemented the sales for the year will be like 2500 units, with 1,000,000 for whatever console didn't implement the feature lmfao
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