Your 2013 PSVita wishlist?

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User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#21
Suikoden VI
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User Info: Xeedragon

4 years ago#22
Power Turtle posted...
An exclusive Final Fantasy for the Vita.
Or at the very least, FFXhd to actually happen.
Or just as good.. Type 0 to get ported.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to be for Vita also!


PS2 Classics support.

Those would make my Vita the greatest gaming device i have ever owned.
okay maybe not, but still. the joy puking that will be had..

A new Kingdom Hearts game is the most likely. Probably in 2014-2015.
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User Info: MetalZoic

4 years ago#23
Patapon 4?

I'd be happy if they would just make Patapon 3 work on this piece of ****.

User Info: garaa682

4 years ago#24
1. Tekken Vita, not some crap like Tekken 3D either.
2. Bethesda game
3. Bioshock Vita
4. Really any cool open world game
5. a few good FPS games
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User Info: Synchr0nicity

4 years ago#25
*In the impossible case where Sony purchases the rights for Spyro and Crash Bandicoot from Activision*

-Remakes of Spyro original trilogy
-Remakes of Crash original trilogy
-New Dissidia game
-YS 4 localization
-PSO2 localization
-Phantasy Star Portable 3
-Disgaea 4 port (with all DLC included) and D2 multiplatform
-Megaman... seriously, ANYTHING Megaman related.

One can only dream...
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User Info: Azure_Flame

4 years ago#26
Tales of Hearts R and Oboro Muramasa I've already preordered, but aside from that, I'd kill (yes) for a Xenogears remake (ha ha ha) for the Vita, as well as an Odin Sphere port.
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User Info: finaljayfantasy

4 years ago#27
Dark/Demon Souls Vita (awesomeness)
The Elder Scrolls Vita (i wouldnt mind)
Fallout Vita (would wait in line for days for this)
GTA Vita (plz make this happen)
Final Fantasy Vita (VsXIII or Type0)
Persona 5 (would be awesome)
God of War Vita (dont know what they would do)
Call of Duty Vita (a good one)
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User Info: TarheelBlazer

4 years ago#28
Resident Evil 2 Exclusive Remake
NBA 2K14 (With Cross-Play)
Madden 14 (With Cross-Play)
NCAA Football 14 (With Cross-Play)
GTA Vita Announcement
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User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#29
Synchr0nicity posted...
-PSO2 localization
-Phantasy Star Portable 3

new Fallout title
new TES title
MH portable/freedom 4
PSI-OPS 2 <-- never gonna happen, but i can wish.
new Valkyrie Profile title
Legend of Legaia 3
sequel to star ocean: the second story ported/localized.
new Growlanser title
Suikoden 2 re-release. idc what goddamn system it's on, just do it.
Soul Sacrifice 2 - sold me on the 1st. don't make me wait for the 2nd.
Battle Hunter - On psn. With online multiplayer. DO IT.
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User Info: Gtuansdiamm

4 years ago#30
gundam extreme vs fullboost for psvita with some sort of ps3 compatibility in game
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