Persona 4 golden is the only worthwhile game on the Vita

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User Info: SplatterHouse55

4 years ago#21
Crimson681 posted...
If you agree with that then you pretty much agree that Vita is fail. If you think the best game on this system is a remade PS2 game, then LOL! The reason Vita is failing is because there aren't enough Persona fanboys in the world to prop it up. How many of you bought Vita just for this 1 game?

It's the primary reason I picked up a Vita, but it's not the only reason. Just like most other system I've ever purchased. I had less reasons to buy a PS2 back in the day (Socom was practically the only reason I wanted one), but I certainly found other reasons to pass the time on it.

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#22
Really liked P4G.. the rest of the VITA game I've played got old fast.

UCGA, GR, Wipeout, etc.

Just an opinion ofc.

User Info: Aisioux

4 years ago#23
I love the Ps Vita, I also love Persona 4. But I don't think it makes the Ps Vita great. I bought a Vita simply because it's region free. Which means I can play all those lovely perverted games from Japan.

I mean, I don't buy portable handhelds for ports. I play them when developers have unique ideas. Senran Kagura, God Eater 2. Stuff like that. I'm not waiting for an English Release. I'm just going to import it. The Ps Vita is an awesome tool that can play games from any part of the world.

User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#24
IMO, the only must play games on Vita are P4G, Uncharted, and LBP.
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User Info: Nnamz

4 years ago#25
No. It's not even the best game on the system.
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#26
P4 on ps2 kind of bored me. I'm waiting on p4g for a sale. With that said, it probably is the best game on vita, but one of the most overrated rpgs that is outclassed by p3 fes.,
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User Info: Mitsuhide11

4 years ago#27
Virtue's Last Reward.
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User Info: Fenix Frenzy

Fenix Frenzy
4 years ago#28
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User Info: GenocideHeart

4 years ago#29
seriously_lol posted...
cheezedadada posted...
How could you not list Disgaea 3? Do you have any taste in games what-so-ever? D3 is amazing.

Some reviewers also say that Uncharted failed to live up to the hype, but I thought it kicked major ass.

If you had any taste in games, you should have played Disgaea 3 on ps3 years ago.

You do know D3 on Vita adds a bunch of things, including new scenarios involving Fuka, Desco, Stella and Rutile, and new recruitable characters, right? Plus it does come with all DLC preinstalled, and seeing how the DLC alone costs $50 on PSN... D3 for Vita is actually the best way for newcomers to ease into the game.
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