2013 - The year of... Disappointments!?

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User Info: xfactor

4 years ago#61
kewldude475 posted...
FayeLady posted...
xfactor posted...
kewldude475 posted...
Soul Sacrifice
Gods Eater 2
Earth Defense 2017
Killzone Mercenary
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Malicious Rebirth
Ys IV (I hope)

Omg yeah, I'm liek... soooo disappointed :<

But seriously. Try harder TC.

You just proved his point.

This is...sad.

Exactly. Not sure any of those are worth my time, let alone money

xfactor was trolling. His post is obviously laughable. You however, aren't a known troll. I can only imagine what kind of gamer you are to not see anything you like in that list. Maybe buy a Wii?

Trolling? Or maybe the list is actually really sad to many people. The sales is pathetic for a reason.

User Info: notSFF

4 years ago#62
What the heck's wrong with Soul Sacrifice and EDF?
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User Info: archedsoul

4 years ago#63
When was Malicious Rebirth confirmed for localization?

User Info: StrikeNinja24

4 years ago#64
Ill buy sly for my PS3. The rest are just begging for a giant letdown just like all the other hype trains on this board.
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User Info: Lightning_fan

4 years ago#65
Well it is hard to be disappointing when the future of the Vita was given a huge grim outlook by the press.

Disappointing would be having an amazing year and lots of hype going into the next year only to receive disappointment.

User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#66
From: mcsmellington | 1/12/2013 10:59:14 AM
mike_411 posted...
360 exclusives do tend to be crap...

I'm not commenting on the quality, although I agree that the retail exclusives arent all that fantastic. XBLA just can't be beat though, and as far as quantity is concerned, there's far more there.

I'd disagree with that. The first few years, sure, XBLA was killing it with good games. They haven't had anything exclusive and interesting come out for almost a year and a half for me.
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User Info: Koi_Tenchi

4 years ago#67
notSFF posted...
What the heck's wrong with Soul Sacrifice and EDF?

I haven't seen anyone honestly hate on either of those games (unless they're straight out hating on EVERYTHING)

The problem though is that having only two games relevant to ones interests to look forward to for a year is not much.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#68
notSFF posted...
What the heck's wrong with Soul Sacrifice and EDF?

They don't appeal to me, that's what's wrong with it. Like I said, if investing in a Vita will result in me forcing myself to play games that don't interest me, then it certainly speaks volume to how bad the line-up is.
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User Info: mcsmellington

4 years ago#69
notSFF posted...
What the heck's wrong with Soul Sacrifice and EDF?

Isn't EDF just a port? Either way, I've played EDF before. It's ok, but not the sort of game I'd spend money on.

Soul Sacrifice just isn't my type of game at all.
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