Not one PSV game in the top 30 sold in japan.

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User Info: fEARtHEgOOCH

4 years ago#71
Disliking a game is not the same as being reassured of the "Vita excellence." I am happy with the PSV, but that is not to say that I think it currently has a stellar lineup. I do prefer it over the 3DS, but I also figure that I am the minority. Whatever happened to just playing what you like, and passing on what you don't? Oh yeah, that whole internet thing...

And stating that AC is better than anything on the PSV is the same thing as saying Japanese gamers have no taste... Both are an opinion you are allowed to have/express. Just don't get all upset if everyone else doesn't feel the same way as you do.
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User Info: ikaruga0101

4 years ago#73
Seeing the success of Animal Crossing pretty much confirms a suspicion I had for some time: the mainstream LOVES grinding and collecting stuff.

Sony needs a first party game that has a lot of things to do and will bring gamers back to it every day. Using a japanese term that would be a Yarikomi, or in English I like to say "Time Sinks" type of game. Look at most Nintendo popular titles for portables: Pokemon and AnimalCrossing are the obvious samples. Other games may include Zelda(due to it's tons of secrets and collectables), Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest. All these games can easily take 100+ hours to fully experience them.

Similar thing also happens on the PC: Minecraft/Terraria, The Elder Scrolls/Fallout games, Civilization series, the Sims, Simcity, Xcom. All those games will take hundreds of hours, you basically have to collect **** tons of stuff, if you enjoy doing the same stuff over and over again, which a lot of people seems to do, they're considered great games.

And I reinforce this argument by saying the only Sony franchise capable of pulling the numbers this games above pull is Gran Turismo which is also a Time Sink, grindfest type in which you have to collect hundreds of cars of game.

Another example is Final Fantasy, since FF10 when the franchise stopped focusing so much on grinding and collecting and become more streamlined, it's popularity dropped a lot(FF13 took the concept of "stream line" to the extreme but that is another discussion).

Uncharted, Gravity Daze, Killzone, GoW, all those games are great but maybe they're too short(I can easily finish all these games in less than 20 hours). That is not bad, in fact I prefer more straight forward games like those, but it would be nice if Sony had a couple of TimeSinks with lots of collectables for the mainstream. The reason the PSP was a success is partially because it had MH: the biggest time sink for the system. Other popular titles were Dissidia and God Eater, which pretty much also classify as time sinks.

Why are time sinks so popular? If a game is longer, it's more like its going be talked about by gamers, more like it will make the news on gaming sites more, and more like it will be on discussion boards. That is a lot of "free" marketing that could help in the creation of million seller, console moving franchises in the future.

Sorry for the big wall of text. I had to write that somewhere.

BTW does the list TC posted contains PSN sales? The vita is mostly marketed as a digital download centered device. The cartridges are pretty much an afterthough. I doubt it will change a lot in the top positions of the charts, at least for now, but it's hard to believe that even new releases for the vita can't break the 1000 barrier(top 20-30).
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