What singe game made you thankful for buying a vita?

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User Info: bigdaddydmac

4 years ago#51
Mortal Kombat!
And I already had it on ps3!
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User Info: rockchick2410

4 years ago#52
I think New Little Kings story has made me thankful for my vita, before I got that I didn't really appreciate my vita. Now if Sony could hurry up and bring out borderlands for the vita I would definately be thankful for buying it
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User Info: endgame99

4 years ago#53
Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Excellent game. Now I'm playing through all the other Uncharted games.
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User Info: jjeerryyonly9

4 years ago#54
Ragnorak Odyssey. I also like the way PSP games run on the Vita, so those as well. I cannot say the same of DS games on the 3DS XL, however, as they look and sound horrible.
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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#55
Don't think there is one particular game that has grabbed me.

Dynasty Warriors Next is probably the closest. Rayman and Zen Pinball 2 are awesome but I could play those on other systems.
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User Info: StrikeNinja24

4 years ago#56
kcypher2000 posted...
Sounds to me like a lot of people should have just bought themselves a ps3.

Nah, they should of picked up a PS2.

Im going with none so far. Every game has been hyped to great heights and all have failed to reach that bar.
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User Info: knob1701

4 years ago#57
Hot Shots Golf. Still play this everyday. Only game that I have played lately.

User Info: Mister Money

Mister Money
4 years ago#58
Ys Celceta no Jukai
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User Info: Crepitant

4 years ago#59
Resistance: Burning Skies actually. I really enjoyed it.

User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#60
probably uncharted golden abyss was the first
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