Nintendo fans , what stops you buying a Vita ?

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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#191
I'm more of a Nintendo fan when it comes to handhelds. Sony, Nintendo, and Sega (when they were still around) are about even to me when it comes to consoles. So long I'm getting the games I want I'm happy.

That is what truly keeping me from getting a Vita. That and funds. Outside of 3-4 games I have no interest in the Vita library. Most of them I can get on my PS3. That's my main problem with the Vita. It doesn't have many unique games that make it worth owning. The PSP had its unique games. The DS and now 3DS have games that are exclusive for them. But Vita shares too many games with the PS3. What the point of buying a Vita if you can just play those same games on a system you already own?
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User Info: Dr_Jungy_Brogen

4 years ago#192
I personally haven't purchased a Vita because I simply don't want one. It's a really impressive piece of tech and all, but I just can't see myself playing it.
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User Info: nariusseldon

4 years ago#193
BruceLee1974 posted...
I'm asking here as I know this board has more Nintendo fans then Sony fans.

SO tell me what is the main reason you hate the Vita or won't get one. Is it because you are only loyal to one company ?

Not a nintendo fan. But there are many reasons not to get a vita.
1) lack of 3rd party support
2) flopping in sales -> less support in the future
3) games more expensive than smart phone games, but not much better (case in point, COD or resistance are worse than phone FPS, but cost like 10x more).
4) too many other choices
5) vita spec has worse screen than a cell phone, and is probably less powerful by 2013.

User Info: PatriotAI

4 years ago#194
I'm a Sony "fan" myself, got a PS3, PS2, several PSP units currently, but i decided to get a 3DS over a Vita. Why? Two reasons, the first and more important one is the game lineup. I asked myself, why would i want a Vita? There's Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance: Burning Skies, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and that's it. While i really like those games, i can not ignore the fact that two of them are just handheld versions of superior console titles, i can just play Uncharted 1-3 and Resistance 1-3 on my PS3, and the same MGS HD Collection is also on the PS3. And then i look up new games that are due for release and i don't see a single one that interests me, while on 3DS i got Resident Evil: Revelations-Mercs 3D, Kingdom Hearts, Professor Layton, and a few more i'm waiting to be released. Where are the Vita games? Where are games like MGS: Portable Ops and Peace Walker, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, God of War, the games that made me buy the PSP in the first place? Is Vita destined to get watered down PS3 ports and an occasional exclusive that is so niche that i probably haven't even heard about it, let alone want to play it? The Vita seems too powerful for it's own good, developing games for it seems so close to developing for consoles that studios just go for the later in hopes of generating higher sales. Only way to improve the lineup and make the Vita desirable is for Sony to announce quite a few first party titles, games like God Of War, Twisted Metal etc. Totally forgot about the other reason, the price. Currently i can't justify it's price with so few good games, if it had more, it would certainly be more tempting. But when the price drops, i'll get it just for the games i mentioned anyway.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#195
I'm not a fan of consoles - they're just metal and plastic.

It's all about the games.

User Info: MarioFanaticXV

4 years ago#196
As someone who has a PSP and loves its library, I just don't see any games on the Vita worth getting save for Dynasty Warriors Next. And even then, the 3DS got a superior Musou game anyways (and quite possibly, the best entry in the series yet).
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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#197
I only need one handheld, and I like Nintendo's exclusives more. Part of the reason I have never owned a playstation device, and have never played a single metal gear or final fantasy game. I don't even use handhelds much anyway.

User Info: Cable_mvc2

4 years ago#198
A better question is what made you buy a Vita?

User Info: PokeFan2011

4 years ago#199
I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I have been for as long as I can remember. I've had a 3DS since launch and I have many games for it that I really like, with more on the way in 2013.

However, I also just bought a Vita on Saturday and I've been enjoying it a lot. I don't know if I like it more than my 3DS, but I really like the games that I got for it and so far I think it's a great system. While Nintendo may be my favorite gaming company, I'm not Nintendo exclusive. I have a 3DS and now a Vita, and I get to play great games on both.
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User Info: Haseo18615

4 years ago#200
I'm not specifically a fan of Sony or Nintendo, but what's keeping me from buying a Vita is the lack of any titles that interest me and the price. It's way too early in the system's lifetime to call it a failure or say I'll never get one, so maybe that'll change this year.
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