Could Sony reboot the Vita?

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User Info: godofwar64

4 years ago#11
trancejeremy posted...
They need to come out with a model, at least for Japan, that plays UMDs. The PSP is getting better games than the Vita is (by a wide margin) there and there is no way to play them on the Vita, so why upgrade?

The proprietary sticks isn't a problem, it's the price of them. Sony doesn't care to lower the price, even though by most accounts they are incredibly poorly made (in terms of performance) so should be dirt cheap.

The real problem is games. Has a terrible line up in Japan and the West, with nothing on the horizon, really. Soul Sacrifice might do okay, but the horrible theme is going to turn off the vast majority of people.

Just wait until the PS4 gets announced, Sony won't even bother with the token effort they are giving the Vita now....

It would probably just be easier to make an adapter than an actual new model..kinda like they did with Sega CD

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#12
-Jammo- posted...
Internal storage is sort of a last gen thing. Similar to how with Sixaxis it was thinking ahead to get rid of rumble. Overpriced cards in an age of flash memory and hard drives. The work involved with them is an experience unto itself, and when you pay more money, you know it must be better tech.

I don't think it's thinking ahead to get rid of rumble..I love rumble, and it adds another layer of immersion at times for me..
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