Wiiu Was doing terrible sales in japan, boom Nintendo did a sick presentation

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User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#31
serenade_beta posted...
deathpapaya posted...
Why isn't sony doing anything? It's been like a full year of horrendous sales.

Because Sony is telling themselves that it is fine.
Bad news?
Nintendo's president apologizes. Sony's tries to hide.

If you knew anything about the Japanese, nobody respects Nintendo, nobody. They've tried undercutting profits in the past in deals, ridiculous license fees, trying to bankrupt small developers and specifically SquareSoft and Konami with forcing them to buy $40,000,000 of N64 carts in those increments because Nintendo could not get anyone to trust them enough to manufacture carts for them without massive orders in the 90's.

They've also tried creating monopolies with the SNES. You want to develop a game for the SNES? You must sign here, now this game can NEVER go on another platform. Square Enix flat out refused to even develop on the SNES, but Nintendo decided to make special circumstances with people. When Nintendo and Sony were dealing together about the SNES CD add on, Sony sneaked into the deal they would get full backwards compatibility with SNES games and liscensing rights because they could not get SNES games either way. Sneaky yes, but Nintendo was planning on backstabbing Sony and charging developers for each disk they use.
When it all came to light who lost the respect of the Japanese? Sony for sneaking things into contracts or Nintendo trying to sneak in profits? Nintendo obviously, developers praised Sony for trying to end Nintendo's monopoly and stop Nintendo with their CD fees. Nintendo denied those fees BUT, they DID charge developers liscense fees with carts with the N64 for profits.

Nintendo also overcharging the consumer despite being able to make a profit otherwise, and say they focus on the product and not on graphics, despite their systems always being CPU bottlenecked and solely GPU focused, calling RPG's a dead genre because they didn't exist on the N64, and putting down western developers

Miyamoto himself thrashed Rare because a pathetic thing such as a "western developer" was developing Donkey Kong and they could not develop it. Did you know he put up a big struggle and complained to the end to cancel Donkey Kong 64? He felt the Japanese could not handle 3D worlds. In fact, someone from Nintendo made the same comment with the Wii that the japanese population can't deal with big 3d worlds and prefer linear 2d ones. Which is why Nintendo aims the 2d marios at the Japanese and 3d ones like Galaxy at western audiences

Many developers left Nintendo because the price to develop on a Nintendo console is signifcantly more than on any other competitiors system. Did you know with the gamecube and systems before it, Nintendo charged developers liscensing before the game even reached shelves? Basically, Atlus would speculate SMT would sell 100k copies, Nintendo would say no, we think it would sell 200k and charge Atlus that. Then if the game bombs and sells 40k, Atlus is basically screwed because Nintendo would be taking around 15% of 200k instead of 40k. There are documents all over the place with deals Nintendos made with developers.

User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#32
Nintendo also rips off every idea under the sun. Every idea they come up with was not their idea. Wiimote? Sony came up with it in 1999 and showed it off in 2001, as a color based controller with a ball on top. Wait doesn't that sound strangely close to the PS Move Sony would release in 2011? The controller was called the wand and there is even a video on youtube of it... and was supposed to be for the PS2. Unfortunately the tech was not there and Sony was forced to delay it. Later a company named Gyro came and showed off magnet based motion tech since Sony seemed interested in motion controla. Sony refused and wanted to stick with their new color based one and developed another motion based device called the PS Eye for the PS2.

That company went to Nintendo and told them Sony was planning this and Nintendo jumped on their idea and started developing the Wii right away in 2001. The tech for the PS Move was not available until 2009, Sony could not have released it before the Wii.
Nintendo did not develop the tech or the design for the Wiimote, they did not come with the idea either. They basically tooks Sonys scraps and pushed it out before Sony could release theirs.

Nintendo is a completely profit driven company and has no respect for the consumer and other developers. With the WiiU, they say they're trying to change that and get developers on board, but people don't forget expecially western developers like Rockstar that Nintendo commented against in the past.

User Info: PangLa

4 years ago#33
Nintendo always wait until they have a big list of games coming out and announce it all at once during a presentation or whatever. Sony literally announce games right as they're being develop.

User Info: Compass

4 years ago#34
^^Meltdown ahoy.

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#35
Very interesting info there Orange.

User Info: gamewhooper181

4 years ago#36
ORANGE, a lot of what you wrote is false accusations and heresay. Nintendo is one of the most beloved and respected companies IN Japan. In fact, Nintendo was just recently voted as the top place that people want to to work for.

I also doubt you've ever taken a marketing or business class, because Nintendo is almost always the first-mover with certain technologies and features. It doesn't matter if an analog stick was created back in 1970 or if motion controls were done all the way back in the NES days. What matters is the pioneering of that technology or idea into mass consumption, which is what Nintendo has done in spades with regards to the D-Pad, analog stick, rumble, and motion control. Hell, how can you say Sony wasn't influenced by Nintendo's success when the marketing images for Move and Sports Champion look exactly like that of Wii Sports?
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User Info: AceAndJunpei

4 years ago#37
I think Orange just had a mental break, lulz.

I guess Ninty kicked his kitten because that's a lot of hate right there:)
Goon claims 90k to 70k is "70% drop in sales"

User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#38
Ah. So the man who directed Super Mario 64 felt that the japanese couldn't handle 3D worlds. He then proceeded to supervise other 3D projects, such as Ocarina of Time, etc.

Meanwhile 2d Mario games continue to outsell 3D Mario games around the world.

You're gonna need a source for some of your statements, Orange. Not them I'm gonna throw everything you say under the rug, but your post is filled with inaccuracies. The only thing you're closest to being right on is what you said about the SNES and the deal with Sony.
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User Info: gamewhooper181

4 years ago#40
ORANGE seems like one of those people that believes that Gunpei Yokoi was killed by Nintendo because of the failed Virtual Boy.
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