Do you think in a couple years we will look back at all this and laugh?

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#61
From: Nnamz | #055
To determine how it's going to be multiple years from now? Do you think 3DS's empty release schedule in summer 2011 was indicative of where it was going to be now, or even years from now?

Horrible analogy. First of all, Nintendo has showed that they can pull through a console even with very little third party support, such as the N64. Bad performance in the first year affects third parties, but the company making the system can support it whenever they want. Sony needs third parties urgently to stay relevant while the same doesn't apply to Nintendo on this scale. Just look at how they turned around the 3DS and how they just announced a slew of games for the U which will probably have the same effect.

Second, Sony is about to drown in its debt while Nintendo has $10b in the bank with zero debt. Nintendo can sustain some poor performance and turn around a tanking system to reap the rewards later (like they did with the 3DS, while Sony can't afford to do that anymore. Ninty can just drop their prices and take a hit. Sony? Well, i don't think i have to reminds you of the PS3's $5b loss and Sony's gigantic debt.

Third, Sony is a huge conglomerate that makes thousands of different products, while Nintendo sells about two different products and software for those. Who do you think is more likely to just drop off one of these products? Certainly not Nintendo.

Do you think no Vita game will come out after March 19th simply because there is nothing listed after that, lol?

Did you seriously just suggest this braindead implication?
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User Info: nilla151

4 years ago#62
Here's the thing.the ps2 when it came out. Came out at a perfect time with its features.

DVD was on the rise. And at the time ps2 was selling cheaper then DVD players and it HAD a DVD feature. Which was a huge draw. Ppl who didn't even want a video game system were buying them just for the DVD feature. The fact that it just hammers its competition in the gaming aspect is just the tip of the iceberg.

The x box didn't do to horrible in its lifetime. But Xbox live saved it tbh. And coming into the 360 Microsoft understood their problems with the original x box.

The GameCube tanked simpy put it had horrid support. But as the handheld juggernaut Nintendo can easy tank a console and not sweat a single drop of sweat. As their handheld market will still turns such a huge profit. It just means nothing.

But back to topic. Sony was expecting people to remember the ps2 and buy the ps3 just from that memory. They basically were expecting the ps3 to come out of the gate and just obliterate the competition, However when the ps3 came out. The 360 was already going strong,And Xbox live was in full swing at that point. Not to mention the insane demand for nintendos wii with its first step into virtual reality. Bottom line. Sony has been putting the nail in their coffin for a while now. They have spread theirselves to thin. They need to either focus less sections of electronics or stoop the video game systems. They clearly can't handle both
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User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#63
I'm already laughing. This board is hilarious.
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User Info: Natureboy99

4 years ago#64
FindmeElseweyr posted...
Nope. Handheld market is vastly different than the console market.

Also, there really is no "looking back at the PS3 and laughing", because without the massive price drop, the PS3 almost killed itself. That's why the 360 is so much more popular now in the west, when the PS2 used to be king, and it's why for "next gen", everyone who is willing to buy a home console have pretty much said they're going with the xbox no doubt, but the PS4 is incredibly iffy.

Vita is competing with tablets, the 3DS, and smartphones. If it survives and manages to build a decent library, it'll be nice, but it won't be everyone looking back and saying "lol hey remember when everyone said the vita was dead??", itll be more of "Never buying a sony handheld at launch again. Remember how terribly they handled the Vita for the first <x amount> years?"

360 is beating ps3 in the usa only. Europe (considered west) and japan buy way more ps3, especially japan. Ps3 recently passed 360 in number of units shipped worldwide. Sony isnt giving microsoft a 1 year head start this time, and they have about 10 times as many high end first party dev teams. lastly, ms is turning its focus away from consoles back to windows. This is all based on articles ive read over the past few months. Anyways, I dont think we will see a repeat of the last gen. Sony will not give ms a headstart, and they will not charge $500 for the base model.
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User Info: FierceJello

4 years ago#65
I laugh at it all the time right now.
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