Are we shooting ourselves in the foot by buying physical media?

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User Info: dancer62

4 years ago#11
The ohter way around, it's more like gaming is being destroyed by digital download. If companies can sell a game for full retail price without any of the costs associated with retail, why should they bother to produce physical, boxed copies?

At least the early shrinkwrapped computer games were cheaper than the boxed games with manuals.

What happens when games become ephemeral, digital ghosts that come and go as servers and companies rise and fall, no continuity or history, and nothing to collect, which for many of us is a lot of the appeal of gaming.

Who can name a popular Palm Pilot game from 10 years ago? OTOH, how many Gameboy games have become classics?

Digital download has got to encourage piracy, too, if there's no difference between a legal and illegal download except for the price, and that the illegal download is probably cracked and more convenient to use.
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User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#12
I didn't expect the PSP's successor would use UMDs, but I bought them anyway. i have over 50 UMD games, and 10 UMD movies I never payed more than 5$ for the movies, and I got plenty of the games insanely cheap. And I am never selling my PSP whether or not another sytem plays them.
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User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#13
The savings of buying Digital games are mediocre (10%) and are completely negated by the necessity of very expensive memory space. Then you have to factor in two losses: Collectors Value (differs from person to person, I personally get a lot of satisfaction from 'owning' the game), and mainly Resale Value. Even if you don't plan on ever selling your game, it still has resale value. It's the difference between spending $50 on a game which ends up worth $30, and spending $45 on a license which is worth -nothing-.

While I see the value in future-proofing your ability to play it on the system's successor, I'm perfectly fine playing the games on the system the games were built for. The huge waste doesn't justify the 'maybe' benefit of playing them on the Vita2, should it even allow you to. And if the 'pick and choose' selection of compatible PSP titles is anything to go by, you won't even be able to play all of your Vita games anyways.

User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#14
not really bothered by it. the vita has dual sticks, so there's no redesign, or added feature they could implement in future portables to make games control better. so i won't regret buying physical for my vita the way i regret buying physical unite/GE for my psp. the only thing i could see them adding is r2/l2 or pressure sensitive sticks, and i can live without those.
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User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#15
In five to ten years, I can just keep my old consoles and handhelds.
After that, I just won't care and play whatever is available by then.
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