Have you imported any games for Vita? (Poll)

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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#51
BahamutBBob posted...
My PSP is the only thing I've ever imported.

Is there any reason you would import a system but no games for it? The only one I can see is if it was one of those limited edition Japanese ones, but those usually come with a game.

Purple_Kitten posted...
Where does everyone import their games?

Play-Asia or Ebay. Play-Asia's good for new stuff but tends to drop their prices very slow, so Ebay's better for stuff that's been out for a while.

koboldwarrior77 posted...
Dokuro - it was cheap and would rather have the physical game

It's interesting to see how many people imported this, particularly considering Dokuro is pretty niche. It makes me think that more companies should try to localize their games before release and put all languages in the Japanese game, then do a digital release in the US if they don't think they have the market for a retail release. That way, you effectively capture both the physical and DD markets and without spending a fortune on publishing.

Purple_Kitten posted...
Any games that would have subtitles or the option to pick English? Just wondering cuz I would LOVE to import some games I have seen on playasia (only place I know where to import) but not if it is super story based and there is not a translation of it somewhere...

Dokuro does (it includes an english language option), that's why so many people imported it.
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User Info: Purple_Kitten

4 years ago#52
Thank you TC :D
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