Does Sony want Vita to fail?

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User Info: xfactor

4 years ago#51
kingofall214 posted...
EJ226 posted...
Regardless if Sony sellng Vita at a less o not, it seems like Sony isn't doing what it needs to do to get with his thing turned around before its too late. They need third party support that isn't a port from 3ds or console systems. They need original games only on Vita. They need a price drop on the memory cards at the very least.
What if they could get the Android app market on here. Think of the sales then. I know its a pipe dream but there is a few things that could help turn this around. All Sony has to do is put alittle effort into it.

There is no proof of a lack of 3rd party support. Here is a list of 3rd party developers who are currently working on or have released a game for vita

And thats only announced 3rd party support from before the vita was out, Just because there isn't any news doesn't the 3rd parties aren't there.

They don't NEED to drop the price of memory cards. It would be nice but they have no obligation seeing as they are selling.

Android on Vita will never happen in a million years. At least not by Sony.

The vita doesn't need to turn around. Just because some blogger says "it's not selling well" doesn't make it true

I will take Sony's word that it is selling at the scope they predicted before I take some bloggers who says it's going to flop

Its only a list of developers who have the development kit at that point of time.

User Info: EJ226

4 years ago#52
I have realized from the start the sales figures and prices. I believe though that sony might need to do a price cut on th memory cards and at least a temporary price cut on the Vita to pick up sales. With todays economy not everybody can afford to spend $250-300 on a product that might fail fairly quick.
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User Info: CaptainMoose

4 years ago#53
2xkrazy posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
Weird that you have a GT but not a PSN ID in your signature.

In a robot voice:

Scan mode complete...
Analyzing data....GT ID present, PSN ID not detected.

Activate Sony Defense mode. Post idiotic comment.

Lol so true.

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#54
Totally agree with your points.

User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#55
Human-Bean posted...
ITT: The ignorant spout nonsense, the Vita isn't doing so well in sales, Sony has reduced their expectations due to the poor hardware sales, it is not what Sony wants, far from it. If I can remember correctly Sony predicted 10 million units should be sold in a given time period and this has been decreasing.

Regardless of the cost in manufacturing, the Vita does not produce a $70 profit for Sony, I wouldn't be surprised if it's sold at a loss, the retailers get a cut and so does the government via tax. Software sales is what brings in the most profit not a mediocre $2 for Sony, that's ridiculous, the developers recieve a decent amount and so does the platform holder. Sony and Microsoft sold their consoles, this generation, at a loss initially, they believed they could recoup their losses through software sale in a few years. Third party support is what generates the most profit for Sony's gaming division as their franchises aren't established unlike their competitors.

180/250 * 100 = 72%. This is what the cost of manufacturing the Vita is according to you, not the percentage of profit gained. Please do not use maths to attempt to provide evidence for your points, it just shows your lack of intelligence. I can't quote all of you sadly.

I was wrong. It's actually costs less to make then what I said.

No the costs of the parts is 160. I believe Sony does there manufacturing in china so you can deduct $2 for every vita sold to pay off the entire factory for a day. The only thing Sony has to pay off is R&D and for all we know it already is paid off.

Oh and 1 more thing. When Sony said 10 million sales they were talking about vita and psp combined. Also if they only make 8 million it fell short yes but isn't far off to them.

User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#56
It took way too many posts before someone brought up the fact that retailers have their cut. That $180 price also didn't factor in several other things from what I remember. Sony is likely selling those memory cards to retailers for a premium seeing where they prices of them have been. They were at best breaking even with the Vita (though perhaps not) but making money with accessories (especially the memory cards) and games.

Also license fees are significantly more than $2 per game, for the Vita it's probably at least twice that if not the same as consoles. IIRC base licensing fees were something like $7 per unit from some chart from years ago for console games, don't know if there'd be a difference with handheld games and the lower price of the software.

The money is in the accessories and software, this has been how Sony (and MS though they made nothing on the original XBox) have operated for a long time now though with their issues with profitability over the last four or so years it's clear they want to at the very least not have a repeat of the PS3 mess, which as I think I already said, they won't be repeating and really the factors (largely Cell and especially Blu-Ray) that resulted in the PS3's high price aren't going to be repeated. Whatever losses Sony is probably taking on the Vita, if they were or are would likely be small though if they want to get more units out there, which should be their TOP priority they need to get their heads out of their asses and push it much more aggressively. Unfortunately though Sony lost their balls this generation.

EDIT: I was thinking of a different topic. <_< But the problem remains, Sony's management in certain areas is ****ing awful to the point of incompetence.

I never said that. License fees are a separate charge developers have to pay. It's a one time fee. Some people were claiming that Sony charges an additional % for each game sold. I said we don't even know that is true and even if it is it wouldn't be more than 5%.

That 160 not 180 see above post. It is the cost if you went to buy all those parts individually. It doesn't even account for the huge discount Sony would get for ordering a huge amount of them. That is retail price. Now 250-160=90. 90 dollars to pay off whatever Sony wants. Out of that maybe $2 off of every vita goes to paying off the factory for a day as it's in china. The rest can go in the bank or can pay off the R&D costs of the vita (most likely) there is no additional cost.

There is obviously money in games and accessories. I never argued that. What I did argue is that there is more money in the actual console. As you brought up the loss leader method hasn't been working to good for Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo has only used this method once with the 3ds price drop. that's it and only for a few short months until the 3DS became profitable again. Sony is taking the same route with the vita.

My point is that people keep saying the vita is costing Sony money. This is untrue. Just look at the facts. It doesn't need to sell tens of millions like the 3DS to be profitable.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#57
kingofall214 posted...

Oh and 1 more thing. When Sony said 10 million sales they were talking about vita and psp combined. Also if they only make 8 million it fell short yes but isn't far off to them.

Um... no. They were very adamant that the VITA would easily sell 10 million units.
For several months, Sony stated Vita was doing fine, and would sell 10 million units, and it was on track with that.

Later, after it became blaringly obvious that they had drastically overestimated the sales, they came out and said "Oh, when we said Vita, we meant PSP sales too."
If you buy that, then there's no reason you shouldn't buy the bridge I'm selling.

Also, do you realize that Sony has to pay for actually producing the item, not just the parts(Probably paying a company big bucks to produce them) Then they have to pay for shipping the units all around the world.
Then not only that, but they wholesale them to retailers. The retailers get a portion of the profit too.
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