Did you guys expect the Vita to do this bad?

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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#21
No. I expected the psp to completely demolish the hugely underpowered DS.

Wait, we are talking about the psp, right?
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User Info: crawdad

4 years ago#22
bluehat94 posted...
DalekZero posted...
This week? Yes. Overall? No.

The system has so much potential. When i first saw it at e3 2011, i was like, "yep. I want that".

I agree with this completely, I had the exact same reaction.

I had no idea how inept Sony truly was till the Vita came out, they seriously got lucky with the PS1 and 2, and barely held on long enough for the PS3 to succeed.

i have hopes still for the Vita, but not much.
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User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#23
Lol blunt as a club TC. Very fitting.

User Info: RE4FREAK

4 years ago#24
nouseravailable posted...
Jobocan posted...
Lol no. What's with your complete lack of knowledge and research? Waverace 64 came out less than 2 months after the N64 dude. Keep on derping!

I had a n64... do you understand what is an hyperbole?

What a pathetic person you are.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#25
No, I didn't, but everyday I lose a little more faith in humanity anyways, so it shouldn't surprise me as far as this is concerned..
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User Info: EvilSock1990

4 years ago#26
once the memory card prices were announced i did.

User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#27
I didn't expect it to sell as much as the 3DS, but I never thought it would do this badly. And let's be clear, anybody saying it's not doing badly have no clue what they're talking about, back when the 3DS was thought to be failing it was still putting up way better numbers than the Vita has been doing, and it certainly didn't take more than a year for it to get off the ground. PS3 comparisons are also way misleading at this point.

User Info: fakewars

4 years ago#28
I before it's launch, I expect Vita to crush 3DS just like most people here

User Info: ediotsavant

4 years ago#29
If you guys think this is bad, you haven't seen anything yet!
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User Info: Anderjak

4 years ago#30
Yes. If the 3DS started out so poorly, there would be no way for the Vita to have a smooth launch.

Thankfully, when the 3DS dropped its price, it got a huge boost.

I think, when it gets a price drop and a good month or so of games coming in at once around the same time, it'll be back on the playing field. But that requires Sony finally taking the financial hit and giving it the price drop it needs. I don't see that happening until Summer at the earliest -- if we're lucky. They can pull out a respectable success with it, but it won't be for a good while.
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