Did you guys expect the Vita to do this bad?

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User Info: murdochAV

4 years ago#31
No, I got it when it was still relatively new and expected that after a few months they'd come out with lots of fun games in the genres I enjoy. In reality, after almost a year I've bought 3 games, only one of which I really enjoyed.

Backwards compatibility is nice, though not enough to make up for the disappointing selection of Vita games. I'm playing PSP and PS1 games I missed a lot.

User Info: wartpigX

4 years ago#32
it dosent matter.

im to the point with sony's lack of care for the legit user and treating us like crap that im done.

as soon as a crack/hack that i like happens i will be jailbreaking my VITA regardless of how well it may do.

FU sony.

i got burned with the PS2 always breaking i walked away from them.
i came back for the vita and got burned again.

i like the vita and the games. its sony i hate
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User Info: beny_pimpster

4 years ago#33
it doesnt have any proper support for 3rd parties however in terms of features and raw power vita owns 3ds. 3ds is owning cause of games yo

User Info: Vsin

4 years ago#34
Honestly? Kinda. Which is actually why I bought it.

I could tell that the system had potential, but I also always knew it would struggle really badly for at least the first year. I mean really - can we list a single console launch since (and including) the PS3 that DIDN'T "flop" within its first year?

However, I didn't expect the sheer magnitude of fail. There's an annoyingly severe perception in my mind that Sony doesn't give half a damn about the PSV despite what I'd assume is millions of dollars put into making the thing. I don't think they even failed this miserably when they launched the PS3 FFS.
If I'm not Vsin, I'm Aldracity.

User Info: ColorlessMage

4 years ago#35
Well at first,no,infact i was expecting it to sell alot better.

But i let the hype get to me and overlooked the major issues like the economy/pricing,known support and the fact smartphones/ipads rallied the market abit.

I'm not expecting the Ps Vita to do psp numbers that's for sure,but i hope that it further itself toward atleast somewhat close to it.

User Info: FindmeElseweyr

4 years ago#36
From: EvilSock1990 | #026
once the memory card prices were announced i did.

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User Info: BahamutZERO

4 years ago#37
yea with the 3DS already price dropped, I see nothing I truly want on the Vita worth paying the extra money especially when you have to buy expensive memory cards just to play most of them.

User Info: Sand_Coffin

4 years ago#38
Considering how well Sony seems to do with its handhelds *coughPSPGocough* its not surprising.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#39
honestly, when Sony announced the price of the Vita (before memory cards), I thought the Vita and 3DS would be neck in neck. Then they announced the memory card prices and Nintendo did the price drop and I figured it would do ok. I didn't think it would bomb this much though... even without any good exclusives and the prices...
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User Info: Proto1215

4 years ago#40
No. I expected at least 7-8 million sold by it's 1 year release. It's a fantastic handheld with great specs.
I'm sure after the price drop thing will definitely start to pick up rapidly. Sony needs to get rid of the 4gb card and drop the prices of the other cards dramatically.
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