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Why did you or did you not buy the Playstation Vita

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User Info: Will446

4 years ago#1
First let me say, I love the PS3.

I was one of the many people who was turned off by the Sony Japan horrible marketing that told us we need to work two jobs to afford to the PS3. When I bought the system in 2009 I had traded in all my Xboxes the next year and never looked back.

However it seems Sony Japan is back screwing things up. Between suing Kevin Butler to horribly changing the new store the PS Vita has turned off a lot of people.

Is it the exclusive contract with the Death Star? Also to be fair I love AT&T and have been a satisfied customer with them for over two years.

Is it because of the Price?

Is it something Sony Japan did?

User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#2
My favorite Producer Terada Takanobu said the Vita screen looks very nice so I bought it.

Plus I wanted Dream C Club portable.
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User Info: xxtearg0dxx

4 years ago#3
I bought one because I wanted one.

User Info: YattaRX8

4 years ago#4
I bought it because it looked like a great handheld. I have yet to be disappointed by it. Other than PSN not wanting to let me download this weeks free mobile game... grr
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User Info: Lygo

4 years ago#5
I bought it, because of the constant dissatisfaction of the games I didn't like from consoles. I'm thinking of selling my ps3 to a pawnshop.

User Info: Limp_sugar

4 years ago#6
I bought it in October to play soul sacrifice in April. Doesn't make much sense now that I think about it.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#7
I got swept up in all the "the hardware is so amazing" talk and I wanted to play Uncharted. Had I known there was nothing else to play on it I probably wouldn't have bought one.

User Info: Tempest717

4 years ago#8
I bought it cuz I had the money too pretty much. Kinda regret it now, the free PS+ games and P4:G weren't really all that worth buying the system just yet but oh well, I have it now.
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User Info: Aisioux

4 years ago#9
The reason I bought a Vita is because after playing on the PsP 3000 for a while, I was stoked when I heard that an updated next gen version was coming.

- Offering Wifi as well as adhoc.
- Trophies (This is my secret addiction.) +3
- Being Region free (I love importing games from Japan, I just recently bought Lord of Apocalypse, and soon Tales and Hatsu Miku)
- I can listen to my custom soundtracks while playing Vita games. Example Playing Block Rock Shooter Theme while playing Gravity Rush.
- Playing RPG's, I bought a lot of the PsP rpg's and the like. (This is another secret addiction) Trails in the Sky is amazing.

I looked at what the 3DS has to offer in terms of games, and I wasn't impressed. I studied Nintendo for a while and to me, the 3DS sees to "kiddy" to me, I dunno. Ps Vita is something I can rock too.

One final thing, I love Sony's new handheld. I was turned off by the out of store price. I bought the Wifi Model, it came with Wipeout 2048, and a Leather Case.

Anyway. I'm always will be a Sony Fan Boy, who didn't buy a Ps3, but have an Xbox lmao.
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User Info: O2Ash

4 years ago#10
Djmax, pretty much.
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