Why did you or did you not buy the Playstation Vita

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User Info: poopfeasts420

4 years ago#11
I bought my first Vita kind of on an impulse. I sold that one because I got bored and months later I bought the Assassin's Creed bundle mainly because I've never had a limited edition console and I've always wanted one. I wish there was some sort of decal though.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#12
Bought the Vita to own all 4 Personas on one console, play PSone classics without turning on my PS3, and possible play Corpse Party.

The only Vita game I honestly care to play is Persona 4: Golden and I bought that before I even had the Vita and yet I still feel as though I own all physical copy games the Vita has to offer me...
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User Info: Big Merl

Big Merl
4 years ago#13
I bought one shortly after launch because I played my buddies and it was a great little handheld. I was also one of the first people I know with a PSP. I still play my PSP-1000 on a regular basis. I use my Vita for all the Vita games and my PSP for the PSP, PS1 and Mini games.

If I tried to launch all the PS1 and Mini games I got from PS+ I would probably run out of space on the Vita home screen...

User Info: Cegen

4 years ago#14
I bought one because I have a 3DS and the games are somewhat lackluster, and the 3D is kind of annoying because of the angle. But I have hope for the 3DS for some exclusives. But I find the Vita to be more entertaining and easier controls with the 2 analog sticks

User Info: S_T_O_N_E_

4 years ago#15
Replacement for old psp (already had two) and i love portables. Mainly for the release of Final Fantasy X HD. Love that game.
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User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#16
I bought one because I needed an upgrade over my old DS and the games were good.

User Info: ventus_wind

4 years ago#17
I haven't bought one because it isn't feb 20.
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User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#18
I am going to answer what you put in the topic.

I bought my vita for

The 2 analog sticks

Dat screen

Dem graphics

Great games IMO

Every game being available for DD (every console released after the vita should have this there is no excuse

TROPHIES ON A HAND HELD THANK YOU VERY MUCH SONY (Seriously I love being able to see all my games listed on one screen and it showing me how much i have completed of each one. If the 3DS had this kind of system I would of bought it as soon as I could afford it.

Ah hem. Those among other reasons.

User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#19
I loved the PSP
It had games I wanted
It finally came out in White in the US
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The 3DS and PSVita are both outstanding systems. Wally the Equality Weasel says so.

User Info: dancer62

4 years ago#20
I love my PSPs (I've accumulated seven at this point), went Nintendo for the new generation because of Ace Combat and Monster Hunter. Vita lacks backward compatibility with the PSP, and Sony lost the franchises that are system-sellers for me.
I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.
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