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User Info: TheLibrarian

4 years ago#1
You can transfer Elite Squadron and Battlefront II from the PS3, right? How well do they work with the Vita controls?

User Info: TheLibrarian

4 years ago#2
Still wondering.

User Info: Strike_Freedom2

4 years ago#3
Battlefront II is amazing on the vita. The second analog stick makes all the difference.
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User Info: freedree

4 years ago#4
How does Battlefront II fair compared to the PS2 version?
I used to play it on ps2 (mainly spitscreen though :/), and loved it. It would be great if the controls are well-adapted :P.

User Info: MobileWarfare

4 years ago#5
Battlefront II works on vita? That's awesome, I used to play that game all the time. Although, I would play on xbox unlike tc. Anyway, is there a way way I could transfer it from my computer? I don't have a ps3.
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