You can go back in time, you have $350 which one do you buy!

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User Info: Nnamz

4 years ago#41
Vita since I already have 2 current gen home consoles and I don't need a 3rd.
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Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#42
Video game consoles? If I can go back in time with $350, I'm putting that s*** in a savings account with a decent interest rate in 1900 with the paperwork in order for my future self to inherit it one day after I go back in time to put the money in the bank (thus causing no paradoxes).
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User Info: Aadrian1234

4 years ago#43
Vita. I can't see myself getting a WiiU unless its like $100-$150
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#44
Probably a Wii U, all I do is play Persona on my Vita and I could have bought a PSP to do that.
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User Info: KaiKun91

4 years ago#45
Still the Vita. Why buy WiiU when 720 and PS4 is still here. But gotta give Nintendo credit because they actually sell well doing quantity over quality.

User Info: rickrolled6

4 years ago#46
Vita because there were games I'd actually play. I don't mean any disrespect toward the Wii U but it just has nothing I'm interested in at the moment.
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User Info: RussiaOne

4 years ago#47
Vita all day everyday. Even knowing what I know now, Vita all day everyday. Love everything about the damn thing. Launch day Vita. Would do it all over again.
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User Info: AjidoMarujido

4 years ago#48
I had the opportunity to buy a Deluxe Wii U on launch day, but decided against it. As of right now, the Wii U has exactly 4 titles that interest me. All of them I already own, or there is a better and cheaper version on another console.

The only reason that I would have to buy a Wii U at the moment would be to play Xenoblade and Last Story, since I sold my Wii before those came out.

Vita, I actually did buy the FEB at launch for $350, and am very pleased with the purchase.
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User Info: iveriad

4 years ago#49
I have no interest on Wii U.
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  3. You can go back in time, you have $350 which one do you buy!

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