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User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#31
PSP my best toilet buddy! :D

User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#32
Definitely my PSP. Used it almost every day from Christmas 2006 until I retired it Christmas 2012 due to my obtaining a Vita. Even with the awesome Vita though, PSP has my favorite library by far of any handheld.. Hopefully they can do the same thing with the Vita.
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User Info: DalekZero

4 years ago#33
PSP. It had a great library of stand alone games (P1, P2, P3!) on one system. I had a ds and a psp at the same time, and I never touched my ds except to play pokemon or devil survivor.
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User Info: SmoshCuch

4 years ago#34
medmuscle posted...
People, you cannot count backwards compatibility

BC is a feature of the system, of course you should (an intended feature, BC through hacking would be different).

because that would render certain systems useless

Then I guess those systems aren't the best.

and take a lot of the conversation here.

Popular features that expand the library should be part of the conversation.

I'm sure TC was referring to the actual system hardware...combined with the library that is specifically made for that system.

Then he should have explicitly stated that. He didn't.

Dorami posted...
A person buys a gaming system based on the games he can play on that system, not based on the games that were designed for the system.

Exactly. The DS never had enough games that interested me to warrant a purchase. Neither does the 3DS (so far). But I am considering buying one because the BC would give me enough games to possibly warrant the purchase. Take that out of consideration, and the 3DS falls off of my radar completely.

User Info: SkittyOnWailord

4 years ago#35
Other: Neo Geo Pocket Color.
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User Info: MobileWarfare

4 years ago#36
My favorite is the vita because I love Uncharted, Wipeout, and UMvC3. All three of these games feel like the console experience on the go that Sony advertises. Plus, I can play most of my PSP games like Sims Pets, SOCOM, and Patapon. I just wish Sony would release Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and it would be perfect.
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 years ago#37
I won't let you die! Healing Wind!
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User Info: Dr_Koopa76

4 years ago#38
XD Game Gear
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User Info: TLR_

4 years ago#39
Toss up between PSP and (Other) Xperia Play.

I consider the PSP to be the actual successor to the Gameboy Advance. When Nintendo released the DS, their demographic changed quite drastically and they began to cater to an audience that was much more lucrative for them, but much less relevant to their previous install base. The type of heavily promoted games the DS got weren't quite something I could get into... the PSP, on the other hand, seemed to pick right up where GBA left off. Wasn't anywhere near as successful as the DS, but it catered to an audience of gaming that I could respect. I owned hundreds of games for this, and have had extremely fond memories with it.

As for Xperia Play... it's just been phenomenal to a degree that I could've never expected. It's got extraordinary developer support, great variety in it's games, a great community, portability, multi-functionality, genres like MMORPG that portables typically don't ever get, performance so high it actually doesn't make sense... but the trends that make this amaze me more and more everyday are:
1) That it adds practicality to smartphone gaming. Dunno if you've noticed this or not, but smartphone gaming has become extremely impressive. The graphics and content have gotten to a point where they could easily be considered in the rank of "real" portable gaming. Usually, the winning trump card to all smartphone gaming is that no matter how good they make the graphics or what popular name is behind it... touch-screen controls can bring any genre down with it's lack of precision, lack of accuracy, lack of feedback, input limitation... all the way down to the simple fact that fingers obscure a high percentage of the screen... this results in LOADS of would-be amazing smartphone games that; unfortunately, are impractical. Xperia Play solved that issue entirely with a slide-out gamepad that's convenient, responsive and works really well.

2) It's good-to-bad game ratio. As of the last database update, there are 468 games natively compatible with Xperia Play. This is more than the iControlPad, Gametel, MOGA and all other attempts to add physical controls to smartphone games. That alone is remarkable, but even more remarkable is that it has a shocking good-to-bad game ratio. Sorting it's entire database by average ratings, we see that 363/468 (78%) of it's games rank 8/10 or higher, and we can go all the way to game #428 before we ever see a game drop below 7/10. Is there any other game device on this planet that's ever had 91% of it's game library ranking 7/10 or higher?! It's actually kind of ludicrous.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#40
GBA for me.

Vita close second, then PSP, then the original GameBoy line (GB, GBP, GBC)
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