Sony: Vita's not doing well you say? Don't worry!

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User Info: FKRW4Life

4 years ago#41
vyseskies posted...
Forget Vita, buy our new console instead with the best GRAPHIX that you ever seen for 5x $599 US dollars
$599 US dollars
$599 US dollars
$599 US dollars
$599 US dollars


Dude, Sony will release the ps4 for at least 800 bucks. In their hideously uneducated mind there is not only no financial crisis in the world, but they feel people LOVE spending money on their systems with absolutly no info on what is coming out after the first month of release.

I love ps3, 2, psx, psp and vita. I hate sony more than any game/console manufacturer in the industry today.

Nintendo screws their fans badly as well but at least they A: wait until near the end of a consoles life, usually after the best year of the console and B: they will try to make up for it in some way or another, or at least communicate with their fans to keep them informed.

Sony despises their fans and have done twenty steps backwards for every one step forward (free games they give us for letting our private info be stolen)

I will say this, they have the better paid online service between Xbox and themselves but I cant stand their idiotic shop lists and especially if you want to redownload any of your old games. I have 400+ things to scroll through... ugh.

Oh but Im a pony according to tenth level groons like Mega so I guess I dont actually feel this way, nor do I own any systems but Sony ones

*goes back to fire emblem demo.
Before you comment remember this "It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt"

User Info: CooperRC

4 years ago#42
EvilSock1990 posted...
hydroxylus posted...
Sock. U are just spewing stupid out your mouth... the ps3 did great better than the Xbox 360 in lifetime sales at this point..... sonys downfall financially had nothing to do with gaming until the vita...

lol the ps3 was a major loss for them
it only recently started making a profit for them.
then the vita destroyed that profit.
sony can't take another massive loss

Recently making a profit on the PS3 does not make up for all the previous years of losses. The PS3 is still in the red and will be a net loss for them in the end because they expected another PS2.
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