Is Soul Sacrifice going to be closer to Darksiders or Bayonetta?

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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#21
CrystalKing5426 posted...
BTW, can anyone link to the topic that Spiritdog was so humiliated by that he ditched his old account?
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User Info: peacefulchaos

4 years ago#22
There's nothing wrong with liking monster hunter, but if we can all get away from defending it just to defend it, the game does have some heavy flaws. Every game does. And it doesn't have a trademark on raid style games; Phantasy Star beat it to that a long time ago.

Admittedly yes, it is slow and yes, it is shallow in many regards. Yes, you have to invest a lot more to see any rewards. Combat itself isn't very deep, and while there is a heavy focus on traps, there really simply isn't that much depth to be found. This isn't a bad thing, but pretending like it's just as fast as Gods Eater, Ragnarok Odyssey, Lord of Apocalypse or Phantasy Star Online 2 is simply refusing to admit that the pacing, from the combat to the progression, is not as fast as other raid style games.

This doesn't mean that Monster Hunter is a bad game, it's simply the first raid game that big in America and so the fan base tends to refuse to accept that other raid games can be good or are better designed in some aspects. For me, I prefer a fantasy world where my hero is physically strong enough to dash around and wield a giant sword quickly, so I'm a Gods Eater and Ragnarok. man myself. Monster Hunter I have some good memories, but those memories are back in high school playing with a couple of other guys who had the time to do one map over and over and over and over and over and over and over again hoping to get enough ore or whatever they wanted so I could get that next sword.

For some people that formula is fun, but, not for everyone, and it by no means needs to be the industry standard.
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User Info: no2morro

4 years ago#23
FierceJello posted...
Air_Gear_ posted...
FierceJello posted...
It's another Monster Hunter ripoff like God Eater.

Actually. its far superior to Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter is slow-paced and very shallow.

It's methodical for sure and your moveset is small but it's very skill-based if you don't fight below your weight class as it were. Far more so than say God of War.

Soul Sacrifice's weakness (aside from being creatively bankrupt) is that it strips away most of the adventure elements from the Monster Hunter formula and what remains feels very stripped down as a result. I don't expect it score well at all. But beggars can't be choosers, so what can you do?

Well said in regard to monster hunter. If you are fighting lower tier monsters with sup'ed up weapons, of course you will do well, but try fighting a golden ian with a hunter'll be in for a fun fight.

I don't say its not tedios (its became so for me after HR3 in the most recent iteration), but it is fairly strategic (definitely not mindless if you want to solo and get ahead).

Soul Sacrifice I can't comment on. It 'looks' good but until I actually play it 'I just don't know' about it. Hopefully it rocks the house. Either way, it doesn't look like Darksiders or Bayonetta. If the TC wants that, go grab Ninja gaiden Sigma 2 later this month (I am sure I will be).
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