the 5 must have PS Vita games

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User Info: thefabregas22

4 years ago#31
EffectAndCause posted...
Gravity Rush
Persona 4 Golden
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
LittleBigPlanet Vita
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

And, soon to come:

Killzone: Mercenary

Although I haven't played any of the games on that list on the vita I have to agree. Just get rid of all stars and put new little kings story there instead.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#32
My list would be:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Persona 4 Golden

And that's it.

User Info: scorpionpwnsall

4 years ago#33
Persona 4 Golden (Have it)
Uncharted: GA (Have it)
Soul Sacrifice
God Eater 2
Muramasa: Demon Blade
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User Info: GenocideHeart

4 years ago#34
Persona 4 Golden
Gravity Rush
Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (best portable racing game I played in a long, long while...)
Blazblue Continuum Shift EXTEND (...and best portable vs. fighting game in a long while)

All of these I tried, was instantly hooked (something that rarely happens) and bought full price without looking back, so yeah, I think they're must haves in my opinion. Dokuro in particular is an all-too-often-ignored gem of a game. More people should play it.

Also, for anyone who doesn't have Disgaea 3 or refuses to pay the exorbitant $50 tag for all its DLC, Disgaea 3 is the best version available, only sacrificing a little in terms of performance while including all DLC and a bunch of new stuff.
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User Info: Undrey_

4 years ago#35
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
LittleBIGPlanet PS Vita
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Jetpack Joyride

Those are all the games I have. I love NFS so much.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#36
TC uses troll

It's uneffective
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User Info: rojse

4 years ago#37
Out of the PS Vita games I've played, I'd say that "Gravity Rush" and "Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention" are the only two I consider "must-have" games for the console. "Gravity Rush" makes good use of the Vita's capabilities, and is a really fun game, and Disgaea 3 on Vita is the definitive version of the game - it helps that it has extra content and all DLC bundled on for no cost.

Really hoping that "New Little King's Story" and "Persona 4" are worth adding to the list when I get them.

User Info: BowtiesAreCool

4 years ago#38
I didn't know ports didn't count as games.

Anyway, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, Persona 4: Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey and soon to come, Trails In The Flash.

User Info: Mcnugget2256

4 years ago#39
Persona 4 Golden
LittleBigPlanet Vita
Metal Gear Solid HD
Plants Vs Zombies
Lumines Electronic Symphony
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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#40
Quote:Then what was the point of making this topic if you're going to shoot everyone's opinion down?

To be a douche?
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