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Thinking about buying a Vita today, few questions..

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User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#11
hitherepeople posted...
Hey, I was thinking about getting the Assassin's creed bundle for $199.99 CDN today. I just had a few questions. What are the best games out right now, also, how does the PSN+ Free games work? Do I just buy PSN+ for $50, then I can download games? Do they expire?


Yeah you just buy psn+ and download the "free" games, once your membership runs out though all the "free" games stop working until you resubscribe, it's not a big deal though since you'll have a year with it and probably decide to resubscribe anyways. Also you can go online and "purchase" all the free games for ps3 if you don't have one so if you ever get one (or a ps4 and it's compatible with the games) you can download them off your download list if you have a psn+ membership for free.

And yeah the AC bundle is a good buy especially at 200, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Escape Plan, LBP, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Persona 4: Golden, Sound Shapes, Disgaea 3, New Little King’s Story, Dokuro, Ragnarok Odyssey are some of the better games.

User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#12
hitherepeople posted...
Also, my brother has PSN+ on his PS3. Could I theoretically just use his account to get PS Vita games?

You can only have one account on your PS Vita, so I would make that your permanent account if you were going to try that. Make sure your brother is ok with you using his account.
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  3. Thinking about buying a Vita today, few questions..

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