"Japanese Sales Charts: New Vita Titles Fail to Drive Hardware"

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User Info: PlayaMadeTxn05

4 years ago#11
kcypher2000 posted...
PlayaMadeTxn05 posted...
Megaman Omega posted...
PlayaMadeTxn05 posted...
mike_411 posted...
facts never get old.

He's getting a lot worse. I don't mean annoying. I mean clueless. This was already mentioned in last week's Media Create. Multiple times. "2 in top 10 and still flopping lawls", but then he decides to make a whole topic dedicated to that, accompanied with an article.

It's like he doesn't care anymore. He used to be one of my most obnoxious trolls. Now he's just somebody that I used to know...

You're saying he's clueless because he posted an article on an observation that was already discussed somewhere else? >_>

Hey Mega! = )

Nice try at avoiding the obvious stupidity of your post.

Yes....that's exactly what that was.
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User Info: derekfishbowl

4 years ago#12
Did we really need another topic confirming that the Vita is a flop?
Sony's E3 2013 megaton (courtesy of Megaman Omega):

User Info: GrandCollapse

4 years ago#13
People are never satisfied.

When the sales of Vita were higher, people were complaining about lack of software. Now the opposite happened. Can't people just be at least a bit optimistic as we have a bit of software presence?
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User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#14
and masturbation simulator Monster Monpiece

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#15
From: PlayaMadeTxn05 | #011
Yes....that's exactly what that was.

Well, at least you're man enough to admit what a brainless failure your post was.
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