Franchises that are praised by the general, but you dislike with a passion

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User Info: maynot

4 years ago#61
2xkrazy posted...
Sonic the Hedge hog: when was the last good hit?
The last decent game was on the Dreamcast system with Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Over 15 different stages, 6-7 playable characters with individual skills/moves, dynamic story, and little chao pets.

I have developed a strong dislike of recent FF games. The characters are terrible and are dressed like they come from a carnival sideshow.

I also hate most sport games (same game different year). War shooters are on my hate list as well.
I play lots of games. About 90% of them are played in my head.

User Info: TG_Wolf

4 years ago#62
Not all technically franchises but yeah:

Most things Nintendo related.
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User Info: bigt3224

4 years ago#63
Honestly, I just hate Valve. Several of their games are just taken from people who modded other games or their other games just suck. I absolutely hated Half-life and L4D. And 5 years for part 3 that was supposed to come out in 2008? Seriously?
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#64
Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls games are pretty boring

User Info: HHerby

4 years ago#65
Hooo boy. Hope I don't get flamed for this. Anyways here i go.

Touhou - I am sorry. Story is above standard at best. The graphics need some work. And the game play is generic as well. I have played the Thunder Force games. KONAMI's Gradius series. And Taito's Raystorm series. One can argue they are all the same. But to me there is differences. And changes & improvements as the franchises went on. Not Touhou. I really can't tell much difference from Touhou 6 ( my first one i tried ) to Touhou 12.

3D Castlevania games - Not saying the 2D ones are god - like. But KONAMI has been given MORE than enough chances. And f*^ked up all of them. Game play is crap. The new Lords of Shadows is almost a carbon - copy of God of War. And the stories are just down right sub - standard. Spoilers ahead...... the ending for Lord of Shadows means the classical ones ( like Symphony of the Night ) can be flushed down the toilet. The Belmont family & the games they come from don't exist, since Gabriel turns into Dracula. Which means Trevor Belmont from CV 3: Dracula's Curse, Richter from Rondo of Blood ect.... will not exist. NOT a way to redo a franchise IMO.

The Valis franchise - For those that do not know, Valis was a 2D action game. Almost like Mega Man, Castlevania, Contra ect...... BUT !!! Telenet was going under. Then sold the franchise. Only to be redone as a anime hentai ( pornographic ) sim game. WTF?!?!?! REALLY NOW?! When Valis X ( cross ) came out, I lost all respect towards this series. Was probably the most negative decision in video game history IMO.

User Info: ValedictorianXD

4 years ago#66
TNist1048 posted...

Street Fighter: A fighting series that has become known more for Capcom's outrageous DLC practices than for its fighting systems. It's also became a haven for psycho fans that crap all over other fighting games.

Well, I doubt that SF will go down as being known for outrageous DLC practices. The series is much older than Street Fighter 4 lol. Besides that, SF fans are relatively okay. You might be thinking of the Marvel vs Capcom fanbase instead. To be fair though, most other fighting games out there just don't have the right stuff that has made the Street Fighter series as popular as it is.
The anime fighting game/Aksys community is xenophobic and worries more about fanfics than fighting sticks.
Mortal Kombat seems like a decent contender once some serious balancing is done.
King of Fighters is also making a rise since its downfall but it would also need some serious balancing done before it can get the respect it deserves.
Soulcaliber/Tekken/DOA: I won't comment since I don't play them. They might be good, might be not.
Super Smash Bros: Lol...don't get me started on this self-proclaimed "tourney fighter" or its ridiculous fanbase.
Series I can't stand:

Skyrim, every MGS except Peace Walker or Snake Eater, LoZ, Resident Evil and most JRPGs.
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User Info: darkhisham

4 years ago#67
2xkrazy posted...

InFAMOUS - This just needs to die.

You mean the series with 2 games and a psn spin-off, the one that was stated that had ended? Out of the dozens of series available?

User Info: Genseven

4 years ago#68
Final Fantasy - Other jrpgs and other games just did it better for me. Except Chocobo racing. Love them birds.

Zelda - After the Snes one I lost track of the franchise. When are we getting an adult Link on an adult console or pc so I can get back to Hyrule?!

Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen:LoK was so great, basically a Legend of Zelda with vampires set in one of the most evil worlds we've seen in gaming, then Eidos bought the franchise and I felt ripped off by the sequel in every regard.

Borderlands- The advertising looks like its directed towards lowbrow hipsters and no-nothing teens, the gameplay looks entirely too easy, yet it also has so many great mechanics and features I know I will one day just have to buy in too. I just hate it. Respect it, but hate it.

User Info: wartpigX

4 years ago#69

never liked any of those

i liked the first DMC and the fourth the other 3 ruined the franchise for me
elder scroll after that skyrim garbage
i use to like gta.... then along came 4
use to like saints row...... then came 3
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User Info: a168iq

4 years ago#70
XBOX exclusives
FPS's (with the exception of Bioshock and Deus Ex)
Any Hockey Game
FFXI - Skyroki of Sylph
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