So who's picking up sly cooper tomorrow?

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User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#31
My copy is in Oakland at the moment and will be here tomorrow...

User Info: GrandCollapse

4 years ago#32
Ordered from Amazon.
Other than paying lower taxes, it costs less than the retailer.(AKA ebgames)
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User Info: Elements012894

4 years ago#33
Ghetsis posted...
I'm not. There hasn't been a good 3D platformer in over ten years.

The greatest 3D platformer came out within that time frame.
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User Info: MBBDarigon

4 years ago#34
Ordered on amazon with free shipping.. idk when it is coming to be honest
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User Info: EternalTheFox

4 years ago#35
Picking it up tomorrow, but I have to wait till the 6th to get my Vita back from Playstation. (Because the left analog stick wasn't working.)
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User Info: Nightmare637

4 years ago#36
Cronosaber13 posted...
Nightmare637 posted...

also it seems I'll be playing it before Fire emblem since Gamestop won't be getting them till...Friday? yeah I think it was friday.

where did you hear that? I thought it was supposed to come out today

Gamestop messed up there shipments or something(don't know the whole story)

anyway people who pre ordered GS have to wait for it.(me included)
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User Info: skyrimer3d

4 years ago#37
Really liked the demo, and the game informer review seals the deal, day one for me

User Info: GiSS88

4 years ago#38
Unfortunately I can't justify buying games at launch frequently anymore. I'll probably grab this at some point, but likely during a sale.
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User Info: WooTz_sama

4 years ago#39
I was very impressed by the demo.

Just topped up $50 and waiting for the store update.

Now what should I do with the rest of the money hmmm...
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User Info: ElevenOhNoes

4 years ago#40
I would if Sony weren't totally useless, delaying PAL regions release til the end of freaking March for no reason.
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