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User Info: Jim200

4 years ago#1
for fears of trolling.

I have a 3DS as well and don't really like the eShop. Is the PSN Store for Vita similar to or even better maybe than the PS3s?

What are the niceties of the system that I should know that would help me out as a new (and proud!) owner of the Vita?

Things like loading times for OS menus, friend system, which games should I get on PS3 to get free on PS Vita, etc

Thanks in advance!
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User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#2
Purchases are account-bound unlike the 3DS which is system-bound, lose your Vita and you won't be at the mercy of customer support to recover your goods. No $1-$1.50 fees to play your supported PS1/PSP downloads on the Vita. In the store it's listed in all the different categories (Vita games, demos, minis, etc), then you can filter it. The shop has a selection of free titles (although many are AR-card ones). You can browse the webstore for an early look.

Time to open Settings was 2-3 seconds from pressing Start, add a second if you count when you hit the 'skittle'. Roughly the same for other apps. Returning to home screen is practically instantaneous. I don't like the interface but speed-wise it's the fastest I've used. You can re-arrange the skittles and change the backgrounds, transparent ones are supported.

Things to bear in mind: Save Data is installed as skittles which are always present for retail games. Download titles have their save data -as part of the game data-, it's impossible to back up the save data by itself (except online with PSN+), you have to back up the entire game..I personally prefer retail. Also note that while the Vita itself is region-free for retail titles, you have to assign a single PSN account to both your system and your memory card, and switching to another involves wiping the system each time (and card if you don't have a second), so if you're interested in importing retail will let you play them on a US account, but you'll need a JP/HK account for DLC or to download them.

Bear in mind that for Cross-Buy you have to buy the PS3 versions. I don't know much else, but Sly Cooper and Playstation All-Stars support it.

User Info: awesomesauce13

4 years ago#3
Ratchet and Clank: FFA (aka Qforce) has cross-buy, as does Soundshapes (which is digital only I think)

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#4
you can use the browser while gaming.. kinda like multi tasking.. it's iffy sometimes tho.. seems kinda buggy that the page would keep reloading.

User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#5
Hurry up and cancel that piece of crap case that hasn't shipped yet and order this instead
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User Info: mrekli

4 years ago#6
Why'd you buy something then ask "What's so cool about it?" Seems kinda backwards.

The system itself does many things well. Party chat, custom soundtrack and just moving from app to app is a breeze. Playing games.. It runs well and controls well. Other than that, it's up to the library. There's a lot to enjoy on the game. Since you got the Plus bundle, Unit 13, Uncharted, and Gravity Rush are all great titles. Ninja Gaiden is alright, but hey it's finally portable!
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