ninja gaiden sigma ps+ question

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User Info: AYU_fever

4 years ago#1
i bought this game physical a year ago, and still have it.
i just downloaded the digital version for free since i am ps+.

when the download finished, it couldnt install since the "bubble" from the physical copy was still on my system. vita says to delete the bubble then it can install (i have not done this)

reason why i have not is because that game is one that saves to the cartridge. (i backed up the save to the cloud) and i am unsure if the save could be placed into the "digital version bubble" of the game. i would hate to lose lots of progress!

so does anyone know if the saves and trophy data will remain intact?

User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#2
Uploa dto the cloud and it should work, if not you still have the physical one, anyways im sure it will work.
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