Why does the Vita have no games

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User Info: ChemicalBurrito

4 years ago#11
dancer62 posted...
eh? Unless you actually can stomach endless Mario and Pokemon remakes.

I don't much care for typical Mario or Pokemon games, but they *are* system sellers. And in Japan, Animal Crossing moved an obscene number of 3DS systems.
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User Info: SixSixSevenEigh

4 years ago#12
Shadowfxd2 posted...
it has bad games like Gravity Rush, that are repetitive and soulless...

Don't you have something better to do?

Get a f***ing life mate.
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User Info: REMercsChamp

4 years ago#13
It has games.



User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
4 years ago#14
From: dancer62 | #009

Kid Icarus just got named best 3DS game of 2012 on the 3DS board, even with the bad controls, need for a stand (for a theoretically portable system!) to play, and being impossible for left-handers. That seems sad to me.

I got 100% completion on this game, yet i never used that stand a single time. How is that possible? Oh, i know! You're a butthurt drone hating on a game you have never played because it hurts your fanboy feelings. ;)

There is neither any need for a stand nor is it impossible to play for left-handers (in fact the game has a left-handed option), it's hilarious how totally misinformed and delusional you are.

MH3U is promised for March, but not here yet.

Not sure how that's relevant, but then agian the rest of your post doesn't make more sense than that.

eh? Unless you actually can stomach endless Mario and Pokemon remakes.

Implying that the 3DS has "endless Mario and Pokemon remakes"? lol! Feel free to count all the Mario and Pokemon remakes, i'll be here, ready to laugh at you some more. I count zero Mario/Pokemon remakes on the 3DS, in fact there isn't even a Pokemon main series game on the system for another half a year.

Again, you have no idea what you're talking about... tell me, how is it to be such a fandrone? ;)

But yeah, back to the point that you tried to derail with your hilariously awful deflection there. The 3DS regularly sells 100k units a week in Japan alone, so yeah, it does have system sellers. In fact, DQVII just came out today and will probably double the system's weekly sales.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#15
GigantLuffy posted...
brb need to play Gravity Rush

No gameS. It's allowed to have one.
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