PSOne classics (mostly JRPGs)

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User Info: LuciusMcNasty

4 years ago#1
When I get my Vita I plan to use it to experience old PSOne games I hear are great, but never played as a kid. Mostly JRPGs cause I've never given the genre a chance. Is this a good list of PSOne games to start with?

Final Fantasy VI & VII
Chrono Trigger/Cross
Legend of the Dragoon
Vagrant Story

and finally a non RPG, Soul Reaver
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User Info: Helios12787

4 years ago#2
FF 6 and 7 are classics of the FF series
Chrono Trigger is one of the best of all time
Chrono Cross while a bit of a dark horse is really well received by a lot of RPG enthusiasts
Legend of Dragoon = My personal all time favorite. The combat system REALLY takes the monotony out of combat.
Xenogears = epic storyline

Haven't played through Suikoden or Vagrant Story yet though (currently planning on starting Vagrant Story here in the coming weeks)

I'd also look to add things such as FF Tactis or Tactics Ogre if you like SRPGs. Any of the other FF games are solid choices as well (4,8,9). There are some others but that list should hold you for a long while.

User Info: prince figaro

prince figaro
4 years ago#3
Final Fantasy VI- Pass on this. The game is fantastic, but the PSone version is poorly coded or something, and the load times are tediously long considering how often you have to get in and out of menus during the game.
Final Fantasy VII- Yes. Get. It's great if you can look past the graphics
Chrono Trigger- Pass for the same reason as FF6. However, play this gem somehow during your life, it's one of the all-time greatest games in the genre
Legend of the Dragoon- I like it quite a bit. I'd play FFVII first, and if you enjoy that, you'll probably dig this too
Xenogears- Great game, get
Suikoden- Pass. The game is good but plays kinda dated. It just seems to simple to hold my attention these days. It's too bad Suikoden II isn't on PSN...
Vagrant Story- I adore this game. Kind of works as a room by room dungeon crawler with heavy RPG elements. get.

I would also look into Wild arms 1 and 2, and if you've never played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, good lord just play it man!
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#5
Good list but I didn't like Vagrant Story. Needs more FF though.

User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#6
Spent extensive time on most of the games on your list. And your list is still the tip of the iceberg as far as ps1 rpgs go. The tri-ace games, suikoden 2, wild arms, breath of fire, legend of legaia, legend of mana, grandia just off the top of my head.

User Info: Darbot1904

4 years ago#7
Just as a warning, ps vita's psn does not have legend of dragoon or soul reaver, you have to transfer them from a PS3 onto your vita. For some reason those two are only on the psp's and ps3's psn.

User Info: Darbot1904

4 years ago#8
Oh, and I'd add parasite eve 1 to that list, it's very fun.

User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#9
Substitute FF6 for FF8. Get FF6 on GBA.

Get Dissidia 012 if you haven't yet.
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User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#10
a solid list, suikoden 2 is much much better then 1 and FF8/9/Tactics is superb so get those as well if you can
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