Digital Psp game and Data Install

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User Info: ChimeraTF

4 years ago#1
If I have a digital copy of a PSP game, and that game has a Data Install option, to reduce load time, (for example, Dissidia Final Fantasy, or Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker) will it actually benefit me to Install the Data?

I know it helps speed up load times with a UMD, but if it's a digital copy, and already fully on the memory stick, will it do anything to install the data?

Basically, will my digital copy of a game benefit from Data Install, or is it already loading "fastest" by just being on the memory stick?

User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#2
Data Install is for hard copy games. DD PSP games are naturally fast. The only exception is Peace Walker. Despite having the DD version, I had to Data Install about 300MB so the com voices during missions would be enabled.
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User Info: Angemon_23

4 years ago#3
The difference should be negligible, if any at all. A couple of games do require install for voice-overs, Peace Walker and Mana Khemia.
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